Feb 10, 2016

looking for some clarity.. I was advised to take 100mg of DHEA and Coq10 and I’m on the fence with both.
I currently have Pansterone in my possession. Would this be suffice in a small dose?


Sep 15, 2017
The dosage for pansterone often discussed on the forum is a max of 5mg of DHEA/ 5mg of Pregnenolone, 3x/day. Adding vit E to this stack from health natura's whole E, has been helpful in my experience.

For fertility in general progesterone has been used in research with success. Heres dosing information: Hormones: Dos and Don'ts

Thyroid is also considered beneficial, how to use natural dessicated thyroid can be found by looking at danny roddys resource page and/or reading broda barnes book "hypothyroidism: the unsuspected illness".

Proper Diet is also exceedingly important, more important than all the remedies discussed above. Adequate carbs, proteins and fats are pivotal. The sources of carbs proteins and fats are just as important as well. Adequate micronutrients go hand in hand with the macros. In my experience, the above therapies only tend to work well in the context of a solid diet.

Also, proper light exposure, particularly to the sun, but if not possible then using red light, halogen lamps, a vit D lamp or at the minimum topical vitamin D3 supplement might be beneficial. When using vit D3, its important to obtain/ use vitamin k2, magnesium, adequate calcium and adeqaute vit A; to allow the whole system to function properly.

I'd personally be careful implementing some of the dietary strategies discussed on this forum.

Hope this helps,
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Feb 10, 2016
Thank you Clash,

Currently using thyroid and starting to feel much better.
I take D3 and K2 all topical and magnesium spray at night topically. I also live in Jamaica for the winters, so sun is always shining :) wondering if I should add Nicotinamide as a I read a study on increasing eggs.

I eat balanced cab, protein, fat. I drink raw milk and all my broths (chicken feet/bone marrow)
I do carrot salads.
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