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Estroban (DEKA) With Kids

Discussion in 'Hair & Nails' started by Magyar, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. Magyar

    Magyar Member

    Jan 2, 2018
    Not sure where to file the following under, cool coincidence or expected outcome?

    I have been giving my children a few drops of Estroban daily and have noticed that in two of the kids, their hair seems to be have improved over the last few weeks.

    My three year old had stringy, unkempt-looking hair and we just assumed that her adult hair had yet to start growing; seemingly coinciding with regular Estroban dosage, her hair has thickened considerably, lots of growth everywhere, and simply hangs better.

    My seven-year old has been sort of perma-bedhead guy. It used to take a lot of product and handiwork to get his hair looking sharp -- his hair appears thicker and his bedhead appears to have been banished. It is oddly easy to style his hair and we've had friends remark, "Did he get a haircut? His hair looks great."

    To be fair, this could be just random coincidence and natural consequence of childhood development or maybe effect of lowering estrogen environment?

    Thoughts? And similar experiences?