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Nov 3, 2020
I'm a 22 year old guy who has had some weird health problems going on for the past few years that doctors haven't been able to help with. I know most of these are metabolic/systemic issues, but as long as my blood tests are "in range" there isn't much they can help with. It started with some muscle swelling and tightness after weight lifting 3 years ago in my right arm, then after stopping to recover, my legs began to swell up and feel chronically tight which worsened over the next year. This spread around my entire body to the point that I was 20 lbs heavier a year later, and almost all my muscles would fatigue very quickly after little physical activity. I also started getting what I now know is chronic epididymitis a bit after all my muscles began to tighten up and swell, which may have lowered my testosterone levels to the bottom end of the range and led to a lowered libido and some sexual dysfunction that has gotten worse every year. Diet has never been the best and probably should be eating far more food as someone still relatively skinny, but digestion started to become an issue as lower abdomen is constantly bloated and muscles there are chronically swollen. It almost appears as if I have a minor form of hoffman's syndrome since I have hair loss and dry skin on lower legs (and basically all over), hypertrophy all over, and easy fatigue, but TSH always comes back normal to low. Cholesterol is also very low and general fatigue and mental sharpness are huge issues. Have been thinking of trying pregnenolone for the testicular problems and back pain and to see if it would help with other issues since cholesterol and likely all other steroid hormones are low. Vitamin D also comes back low, and with most of the issues I have it is clear that something metabolic has gone on/changed over this time period to lead to all of these problems. Got interested in Danny Roddy and Ray Peat before any of this stuff happened, as I had been losing a bit or hair before this and was intrigued by many of his ideas regarding metabolism and health. Any ideas/help would be appreciated.


Jul 8, 2014
With strange health issues like that, you could try grounding. Google on that. Then there could be ‘geopathic’ stress. I have a Ph. D. in physics but also got into dowsing and there is really something to it. Try moving your bed or what I found to help is put aluminum fly screen under your mattress and connect a wire to the safety ground of a power plug. You can also get a grounding half sheet at Amazon and connect that to the ground as well. I have my half sheet on the bottom of my bed. Or find a good dowser where you live.

Then check out All - MMS Testimonials - Master Mineral Solution, Miracle Mineral Solution

There people post their health success stories from using chlorine dioxide. I have been using it for over 10 years with great results. It comes in two bottles, and you mix 3-4 drops each into a dry glass, wait 10 seconds, it turns green-brown, then add plenty of water and drink it. I think once a day should be sufficient. Then over the course of a couple of weeks you should notice if it works for your condition.

I order it from, select the HCl activator.

Hope that helps!

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