DHEA Taller


Oct 4, 2012
I just read an article that claimed Ray Peat grew 1.5 inches by taking DHEA. Is that physiologically possible? Have any of you heard of this?


Jul 23, 2012
Yes. Posture often decreases for poor reflexes. Better chemistry = less stress, less disk dessication = more height


Aug 22, 2013
If I remember correctly, there is evidence that some of the steroids (like DHEA) support and are needed for growth, while the supposed "growth hormones" in the pituitary family are actually not needed for growth.


Jul 24, 2013
Mastemah said:
Yes. Posture often decreases for poor reflexes. Better chemistry = less stress, less disk dessication = more height

I would view increased measured height through improved muscular patterns ("posture") and better nourished/hydrated discs as a kind of restoring of actual height.

Numerous people have done this through the somatic arts, working with better muscular use. It's a small amount (an inch or two) unless there was a severe imbalance previously. I've seen smaller gains with better disc metabolism.

I don't know cases of notably increased height after skeletal maturity (closed end plates) in other ways. I found this study, though:

Surprising evidence of pelvic growth (widening) after skeletal maturity.
Berger AA, May R, Renner JB, Viradia N, Dahners LE. J Orthop Res. 2011 Nov;29(11):1719-23. doi: 10.1002/jor.21469

I do not recall this statement by Dr. Peat but have not heard all interviews.


Sep 6, 2018
If I remember correctly, there is evidence that some of the steroids (like DHEA) support and are needed for growth, while the supposed "growth hormones" in the pituitary family are actually not needed for growth.

How Gigantism is explained then?


Feb 28, 2017
I'm still interested if anyone had the same effects like Ray did. Please bump this thread.

Me: I was reading an article where you allegedly said that you grew 1.5 inches from taking DHEA. If you actually said that, I was wondering how many milligrams of DHEA you were taking per day? How long were you taking it before you grew? And were you taking other hormones like pregnenolone etc at the time that might have caused the growth itself or synergized with the DHEA? I very much appreciate all your information that you share with the public, and your time. Thank you very much!
Ray Peat: A friend and her two kids were living with us, and everyone marked their height on the door frame; I was about 40 at the time. About a year before we moved out of the house, I was experimenting with DHEA; I had previously been handling progesterone occasionally for several years. I probably took 10 or 15 mg per day, and after a few days there was a sudden change in a mole on my belly, and my horizontal, semi-impacted lower wisdom teeth suddenly began erupting; over a period of a few weeks, they moved into a fully erupted position. I was about 45 at that time. I noticed that my belt was looser, and I had a visible waste, so I checked my weight, and found that I hadn’t lost weight, though considerable fat had disappeared. We were moving out of the house, and before we left we checked our height on the door frame. My younger girl friend was about the same as before, I was considerably taller.
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