Danks' Ray Peat Journey


Sep 11, 2020
Hello everyone

I'm a long term lurker here thought I'd finally make an account to post.

The purpose of this thread is to make a personal log of foods I'm eating/calories in, a place to report improvements or worsening of symptoms that I generally have a pattern of struggling with as I try to incorporate Ray peat's philosophy and teachings into my way of eating, I am open to ideas from other members here as I think it's useful to learn from other people's experience to a certain extent (we are all unique however).

To give a bit of background I'm 25 years old white male living in the UK, I've historically had various issues with Appetite, libido, on/off erectile dysfunction, fatigue, depression, anxiety, motivation, constipation, general metabolic problems and ADHD symptoms. If I was to give an overall level of severity to these symptoms I would describe them as moderate (Possibly severe at worst times with anxiety/depression) but sufficiently frustrating and limiting to an enjoyable life.

These issues are not all constantly present, sometimes they are worse other times they are improved. I have tried the "Ray peat diet" about 4 years ago with limited success, this is mainly due to the fact that it was ME that was overly limiting my food choices and not eating enough so I'm wanting to be a bit more inspired with my recipes and dedicated with getting enough calories this time around.

I have been diagnosed a few months ago as having ADHD by my psychiatrist and am currently taking Atomoxetine which I have not seen Ray peat talk about. It is a Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitor (NRI) and I am actually finding it helpful particularly for my anxiety/depression with no side effects.

My constipation issues started when I was very young (2-3 years old is my earliest memory) And they have been on and off during my lifetime. I can't say exactly when my libido/energy issues started but I'd say around 15 or 16.

I was an athletic early developer at school, easy to gain muscle, high libido which unfortunately got me addicted to porn and masturbation which I took to excess at times, smoked a decent amount of weed and drank as you do at that age, but I have kept way away from alcohol and weed now as I just don't like how I feel the morning after.

I'll be tracking my Morning, after meal and before bed temperature/pulse with Boots Digital Thermometer - Boots.

My short term goal at the moment is to increase my caloric intake to at least 3000 calories, improve my morning temperature/pulse which is historically quite bad (I'd say on average between 96-96.8F) to 97.8 minimum (This week I have been getting it to 97.2-4).

Currently this week I am reading "**** portion control" by Nate who is/was a member on this website, I have really enjoyed it so far and it's been helpful in getting me to implement some of ray's principles in my life, I am using his book as the blueprint for my diet. I say Ray's principles as it is one interpretation of Peat's work, we are all unique human beings with different metabolisms/genetics and some things work well for some but not others.

I have been upping my protein and sugar intake quite a lot compared to the previous weeks, I had been chronically undereating and was actually putting on weight due to depression/low appetite, the Atomoxetine has definitely helped in getting me out of that desperate place and now I'm looking to address some of the basics such as eating enough and getting the metabolism going again and taking better care of myself.

I've cut porn out as it was definitely making erection issues with my GF worse, I also try to limit masturbation to no more than once every other day. This has helped quite a bit.

Currently taking these supplements;

-Taurine (starting at lowish dose, 1/4 of a teaspoon)
-Aspirin (at least 325mg per day)
-Coffee (Slowly working up to at least 4 cups a day)
-Very occasional Tyronene T3 when getting my temperature/pulse up and being adequately supplied with calories
-Cascara Sagrada 500mg (Past 1 week it's helped me go much more regularly)
-Roughly a cup of white sugar spread over the course of the day as a sugar syrup
-Sodium acetate

Temperature usually gets to at least 98F after milk/sugar/coconut oil/pea protein in the morning. I make sure to have a hot shower at least once a day to get my temperature to at least 99F, it's pretty easy to get 98.6F at least once a day, This evening I got to 99.4F after a shower a few hours before + Milk tonic drink I like to make.

My pulse seems to get on the highish side recently generally being anywhere from 80-115 BPM at rest.

Cheers for reading!


Jun 10, 2020
Hello @danks010101 how’s it going? Still sticking with the Peat principles?

Your heart rate jumped out to me, as I’m currently struggling with a high heart rate that reaches 100+ sedentary at times. For me, this feels too high, and I feel best when it hovers in the mid-low 80s. How’s your heart rate and temps nowadays?
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