3.5 year old boy elev thyroglobulin etc

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    Oct 10, 2013
    Hello all,

    Where can i find information regarding my son Sebastian for diet and testing to really tweak things just in case a doctor recommends medication or natural thyroid hormone


    constipation up until 2 yo and now back intermittently
    Vaccinated till 7 mo (only got dtap, rota, pc, hib
    Drank wap raw goat milk formula from 7 mo
    Given FCLO/bo till 2.5 yo
    Autistic symptoms 18 months
    Gaps diet 21 months to 2.5 yo no dairy starches or grains
    OAT test revealed low atp ketosis etc pointed to neurotoxicity, autistic immune function, sky high oxalic acid
    2.5 yrs old Thyroglobulin in the 80s tsh 4 high tpo etc
    Started homeopathic vaccine clears which improved digestion, autistic behaviors, and mood. He is pretty much typical acting now. No more toe walking, head tapping, less OCD, less meltdowns, improved cognition and coordination.
    Focused on matt stone's suggestions as best i could - took away FCLO, nuts, beans, cauliflower, raw carrotts etc.. Gave lots of OJ reintroduced raw cow milk sprouted grains gluten etc
    Temps rose a little less cold hands feet improved hair textre and complexion.. It became too hard to restrict his foods... Still gave him avocado oil chips bacon rtc here and there
    Kind of fell off the strict bandwagon and let him eat more diversity
    3 - 3.5 yo developed some rapid tooth decay on front top teeth only - fillings composite with Bis- gma - so they say
    Reintroduced FCLO/bo and liver powder for teeth and took away oats (phytic acid) - decay arrested but filled anyways
    Biofrequency dental material test shows his body doesnt like coconut oil
    Moved to a place with flouride in water so i barely bathe him and if i do i use
    Filtered bought water
    Aug 2013 constipation starts back up

    Sept 2013 second thyroid panel improved but not ideal:

    thyroglobulin 31.2
    Thyroglobulin reflex - <1
    tsh 1.06
    free t3
    Thyroxine free t4 - 1.26
    Triiodothronine- 3.9
    Tpo peroxidase - 8

    Sept 2013 cranial osteopath tells me t12 over l1 vertebrae was out of place and torsion of sphenoid, also illiosecal valve and sphincter odi locked... Last appt temporal skull locking but clean liver... She fixes what she can
    His teeth still have some white spots im hoping they dont turn into more decay - white spots - decalcification. I dont know if its the thyroid / hormones causing malabsorption. But i know fclo is not a peat suggestion so conused about what to use to prevent more decalcification and decay

    Mary Shomon pointed me to kevin passero in Dc. I havent been and i want to be as informed as i can! She said he may need an ulstrasound to
    Look for lumps nodules given his past and symptoms

    Should i do hormonal testing? What do i do? What can i read? Everything is always about overweight estrogen dominant females (probably me). My son is a thin little guy with low muscle tone. He does not eat soy and processed food. He eats white sourdough bread and lots of grass fed
    Butter cream etc. he craves fruit all day long but it gives him cold
    Hands if eaten alone. He is very picky these days. Someone told me
    Pickiness is zinc. He has a lot of fear and anxiety over things most people dont find scary (i was always scared of my own shadow too)

    Peats books are on back order and i dont really have time to sit and wait around
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    You could read Broda Barnes' Hypothyroidism.

    One easy thing you could do is to use incandescent lights instead of the "energy saving" bulbs, because these have a lot of the harmful blue waves.
  3. j.

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    Regarding the diet, a pro-thyroid Peat diet is one of dairy, fruits, eggs, and meat.

    Avoid all significant sources of polyunsaturated fats. They slow down thyroid function. Avoid nuts and all soy products for the same reason. A good source of fat could be dairy products, such as whole milk, butter.

    Oranges, watermelons, grapes are among the best fruits.
  4. j.

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    Have you tried a refined coconut oil from a glass container? Unrefined coconut oil or from plastic might cause reactions. Maybe when his health improves he'll be able to have coconut oil.
  5. j.

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    To avoid calcification of tissues he should have a good calcium phosphorus ratio. At least 1 unit of calcium for every unit of phosphorus. Dairy is helpful to achieve this. Avoiding grains would also help. Ideally, fruit would be used instead of grains.

    To ensure that calcium is used correctly he needs vitamin D and K2. Sources of vitamin K2 are beef tongue, pancreas, liver, and tripe. I just use a supplement, Thorne K2, in addition to beef tongue. It seems very safe. It makes sure that calcium goes to the bones and teeth instead of soft tissues.

    Vitamin D suppresses the parathyroid hormone. You should get at least to 30 ng/ml of blood vitamin D to suppress PTH. Once you get to 35 ng/ml, increasing vitamin D further doesn't reduce PTH anymore.

    If you decide to supplement with calcium carbonate, I just want to mention that you should be very careful and read about the calcium alkali syndrome before doing it.
  6. j.

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    Does he have a good salt intake? Maybe that would allow him to eat fruits without feeling cold. Or thyroid.
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    Feb 20, 2013
    Have you tried communicating with Ray Peat?
    I believe he still provides nutritional counseling and the
    cost does not seem that high. He also answers email
    questions to many. I have heard him talk about high
    serotonin in autistic people. It is in KMUD dementia audio
    interview. Gut irritation is a major source of serotonin.
    He strongly recommends raw carrot salad or cooked bamboo shoot to lower
    serotonin and endotoxin. He also recommends avoiding
    starch and soluble fibers, as these feed bacteria.
    Low thyroid people often have problem adapting to
    high bacteria content of raw milk. He thinks raw milk
    is slightly better than pasteurized milk.
    It would be good idea to figure out which milk
    he digests better. Cheese, greek yogurt, cottage cheese
    are good substitution if milk is not tolerated.
    You can listen to his audio interview for guidance
    these are very useful and easier to understand than reading his
    articles. Here is link to his audio interview
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    Oct 10, 2013
    Ok lots of good ideas thanks

    He does crave watermelom and grapes however watermelon has a ton of water and according to matt stone that is no good for thyroid - ive heard of salt on fruit but i cant say he would let me salt his grapes or apples :) should i avoid strawberries and blueberries bananas?

    I have always believed him and i both have wacky serotonin levels... Ive always tended towards feeling depressed.. Where can i read about serotonin and thyroid? I thought we would have low serotonin

    It took a long time and a lot of homeopathy to get him to be OK wih raw milk. Even with myself it gave me such horrible gas that i could only drink it after a while of homeopathy. He seems ok i still wonder if the sprouted einkorn and white wheat irritates us both.

    So what does Peat suggest for the carbs he needs to get his temps up? We do potatoes occasional white rice sourdough bread and the above mentioned. Isnt not eating grains essentially semi paleo? I cant imagine fruit and avoiding grains and starches is enough for him to maintain health. This is a skinny kid who was on the gaps diet. He needs the carbs!

    Is it dangerous to supplement with non food source vit d without knowing your levels? I do give him a capsule every other day of grass fed dehydrated beef liver. Should he get a lot more? Is the fclo dangerous for

    I switched from virgin coco oil to refined because the taste makes me want to barf but it is in a huge couple gallon container. How does the plastic affect it? Bpa?

    I have read him suggest raw carrot salad but isnt that goitegrenic and high oxalic acid? (Spelling)

    We are sea salt addicts. His dad thinks our food is too salty

    What would he be considered? Hypo hyper ? Hashimotos?

    Most importantly how do you communicate w Ray peat? I cant ever find information on him
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    Thirst is the best guide to liquid intake. If he craves it, he probably needs it. You drink too much water when you don't want it anymore and drink it against your will. Only then you should worry and stop.

    You could have for example eggs or mashed potatoes with salt and then fruit as dessert.

    They're both better than grains but not the ideal fruit. I think you'd get sick of strawberry if you consume every day, so it's self-limiting. Same thing with bananas if you have other fruits available, like orange juice.

    Some of us drink two quarts of orange juice daily, other fruits, potatoes, dairy. Those are all sources of carbs. Just eat a lot more fruit. Just try to increase the fruit intake, even if you still consume some grains. Condensed milk without carrageenan is another thing I consume for carbs.

    I would get a vit D blood test and then try to get him to at least 30 to 35 ng/ml. Peat considers all significant sources of PUFA thyroid suppressing, including cod liver oil.

    I also read it's goitrogenic, but probably a very mild goitrogen, and its good effects are more significant. It's good effects are that it suppresses estrogen, kills bacterias, and reduces endotoxin. Your raw milk troubles might improve with a daily raw carrot on an empty stomach.

    Google contact ray peat.
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    Oct 10, 2013
    Thanks j that was quite to the point. Where can i find a list of Peat foods to avoid?

    We should keep with our current diet but increase the fruit and OJ? The OJ makes him so hyper though. Him and i have a lot of power struggles because he wants to eat fruit and honey all day long and refuses to eat any kind savory food or dinner - foods he used to eat. Is the sweetooth and pickiness gut dysbiosos or his body really craving it? I have to say i have lost taste for
    Plain and savory food - if it isnt spicy, smothered in cheese, fried in beef tallow or coco
    Oil or sweet and salty my taste buds find it blah.

    His thyrglobulin level went down 50 pts since last year. Will it go down more with continued diet or should i seek further help like natural thyroid? I know keeping estrogen down is important so should i test him for hormones? And what hormones? I need to know all necessary blood work
    Because he is 3 and getting a blood draw is very traumatic. We just did it in september. He loses trust in me
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    Oct 10, 2013
    I googled contact ray peat and he got rid of the info on his site
    There is just the address for book orders
  12. j.

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    My guess would be his body needs it. Try to get natural orange juice, it's a lot better.

    I think eating a lot of candy might be unhealthy, but eating a lot of fruits and honey is nutritious.
  13. j.

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    Wow. I guess he received too many emails.
  14. OP

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    Oct 10, 2013
    J thanks a ton for your thorough help and advice

    Im sure he probably did given all the desperate hypothyroid people out there. I have to fix my son first before myself. I didnt start out life this way so its not fair that he will i want him to be able to have kids one day not be infertile! If anyone has ray's email please let me know. It gets a lot more complicated when you have a past of autism thrown in the mix and i will be needing some good advice if i go to this naturopath and he wants to prescribe hormone. The new generation of kids are experiencing things much worse.

    My email is beanmost@gmail.com if anyone wants to email me his information.
  15. OP

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    Oct 10, 2013
    j -

    We were using pasteurized organic OJ w no added stuff. Id prefer fresh but thats a lot of work!
  16. j.

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    If it doesn't have added stuff, maybe it's ok. Watch your health. When I'm healthy, I drink store bought, even with additives, with no problem. When I'm not, I notice a difference if I consume the real stuff.
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    Oct 10, 2013
    So my question is what is the best way to gain weight on Ray peats diet? He suggested ditching grains and potatoes and our white fermeted sourdough bread but i insisted that my son will lose weight so he said keep the sordough. A 3.5 yr old has a mind of their own. He has low muscle tone and is 25th percentile in weight. He just keeps growing taller and thinner. When i pick him up i get the chills because i feel like i might break his arms.

    Now he also has some texture issues - he didnt like the combo of rice with cream texture wise. He will eat fruit but hell skip the cheese if i serve it. Hell eat the muscle meat but spit out the fat etc. He does love ice cream so ill be making that with honey. If sugar makes him act nuts its kind of restricting for him

    he cant drink coffee. OJ also makes him a little hyper but i still give it and deal with it.

    He does drink raw milk and will randomly eat a stick of grass fed cultures butter.

    He would eat tortillas but would probably skip thr cheese sauce. If i suggesy trying something hell probably get nasty.

    We have a long history of special diets and i am really nervous i am going to have no clue what to give him and hell lose weight... I need some meal plans bad
  18. natedawggh

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    Aug 24, 2013
    Strawberries, blueberries and bananas are all so much better than giving ANY wheat. Wheat gluten is basically a poison for someone with metabolic problems. Cut out all relatives of wheat immediately--wheat, einkorn, barley, etc. non organic stawberries can have nerve gas in them though, so recommend organic of those. Watermelon is fine! The water content is negligible, especially compared to wheat irritants. Potatoes are excellent, why did you cut those out? Was there a reason?

    STRESS seems to be a bigger problem here than diet, and if you're so worried about giving him a blood test or his weight or hyperactivity, that's probably doing more harm to him than food is anyway. Have a good time! Make things fun for both of you! Honey and fruit are wonderful, health promoting things to eat! If he has good energy that means his body is running well and try to find activities he can burn off that energy. Don't worry about controlling him, even if he were a normal kid you'd get blowback trying to make them do something anyway. My Down syndrome niece responds really well to advice, choices and boundaries instead of absolutes and blaming. good nutrition just supports a low stress environment, it doesn't substitute it.
  19. OP

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    Oct 10, 2013
    I try my best with the calm environment but his
    Half bro is here with us on the weekends and is very over stimulating and has no boundaries. I can only do so much. I try to tell him stories, read him books, keep media away, and makes things magical. In other words i try i do the waldorf thing for
    Him - calm, peaceful, magical, thoughtful....

    Also when dealing with his OCD hitting me and pulling my hair and rapid mood fluctuations whether its from food or whatever its really exhausting. I vent here but obviously never blame him. I know he cant help it. In fact id say i lose steam because im hypothyroid myself and working a job from home w no help (he throws himself on me if i sit at the comp). Kids are energetic (hyper restless and impulsive id argue is not a normal human state) so im cool with that but his usual demeanor is a lot calmer than the stereotypical american child of today. He asks a hundred questions and loves playing toys. He has the ability to focus on long stories etc. When he is not feeling well he is another child altogether. I do try my best to acknowledge how outside stimuli may affect his stress levels and what is going on inside him. I also acknowledge how my thoughts affect him but its hard when youre alone all the time and you need to vent. We live in a place where i dont know anyone.

    Anyways i mention the behaviors and fluctuations to ponder the idea... How does the aggression or ocd relate to his metabolic state? How does the inability to gain weight relate and whats the best way to gajn weight? Most people here want to lose or fix a problem and lose and dont care. Im really really trying to get this. I dont want him to lose a single pound because he cant afford to. Hes chowed down on fruit a lot before Because he craves it but doesnt gain weight. Id say his case is really unique because he is a child and experimentation is dangerous. the kids are experiencing a whole other plethora of symptoms... They are a lot more affected than we ever were and their symptoms are showing up earlier than ours as opposed to being a happy child and boom you are plagued with health problems - i however had panic attacks and phobias and was scared of my own shadow. I always felt threatened.

    Also we only do organic fruit and watermelon isnt in season for a long time. I thought ray doesnt suggest berries with seeds you cant pull out? That theyre toxic?

    Peat suggested that potatoes may inflame the bowels so best to take out for a while.

    Would white sourdough still be very irritating even though most celiacs can handle
  20. j.

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    Since coconut oil often helps people lose weight, maybe it would be a good thing to limit it and use more butter or tallow.