Zinc + Melatonin & Acne


Aug 26, 2013
I stumbled upon something today completely by accident. I've been on Peata's thread about Zinc in high doses getting rid of her acne. I've been experimenting as well and it has been working pretty well for me too. Though not 100% gone it is mostly gone.

This is the link: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/ ... s-draft-4/

Now, I know that Peat is against Melatonin. And it is true that I only vaguely know why.. and haven't read everything he has said about it. BUT... I haven't seen anything yet that has said it is completely bad. As in it really wouldn't make sense since our bodies make it purposefully for sleeping and whatnot. What I would think is that it is bad when it is raised throughout the day or your circadian cycle is all messed up and so it's super high or non-existant at night. Let's be honest.. most of us have completely skrewed up circadian cycles. We are constantly messing them up with lack of sun/light in the day and too much of it at night.

For me personally, I've never had severe acne.. just annoying breakouts and sometimes cystic acne. I've linked some of it to gluten and honestly the cystic to dairy and my cycle, but high dosing zinc has helped quiet the cystic completely. Growing up my skin was best during the summer when I would be outside almost constantly and especially after family beach vacations. At the time I chalked it up to the "drying of the sun". Then when I was paleo and went Dr. Kruse style it was very rough as far as eating goes, but the one thing that was the best (besides weight loss) was my skin. It had never been better in my entire life! I was 28 at the time and was so excited to be looking my age as far as acne goes... you know being an adult and not looking like a pubescent teen. LOL. At the time I attributed it to finally being strict about no gluten and I was basically only eating butter as far as dairy goes. I was following his Rx's by going to bed early, wearing blueblocker glasses at night, f.lux on computer, blacking out bedroom at night, going outside and looking towards the sun at dawn for light in my eyes, and just being outside in the sun more. I felt great and sleep was awesome too during that time.

My health also declined when I started 3rd shift working right out of high school and many yrs through my twenties. So, I think this is very plausible. What I didn't know was without strong light in the day melatonin sticks around. I'm curious if that is also part of why say the red light therapy helps with acne as well. Shining a bright light in your face.

I'm going to test this soon by trying to get my sleep cycle back on track again. I noticed differences last time without having to be in the sun all day long like this guy has too. So that makes it easier. I'm curious if this may also help my food sensitivities that have developed over my twenties that I never had when I was growing up. Should be interesting. I also hope it works so I can stop supplementing so high in zinc and Vit A as I have been lately. I don't think I want to continue that long term.

If anyone has any thoughts/ideas on this I'd love to hear them. I'm not trying to be anti-Peat at all here.. I would think that keeping melatonin in its actual place would be best. Just like Peat likes low tryptophan and other proteins, but it's still in most of the food he eats/suggests just in lower amounts. I think Melatonin must have its place and be fine when it's kept in it's true cycle and not made too much/too little/wrong times like most of us have happen.

I'll report back after I've tested some. :)


Feb 24, 2013
"In 1994 A.V. Sirotkin found that melatonin inhibits progesterone production but stimulates estrogen production, and it’s widely recognized that melatonin generally inhibits the thyroid hormones"

"In some animals, melatonin has been shown to be responsible for whitening of the hair during the winter."

"Melatonin lowers body temperature, causes vasoconstriction in the brain, heart, and other organs, and slows reactions"

"The nocturnal/stress hormones, especially prolactin and melatonin, make the retina more sensitive to light, and more easily damaged"

"Melatonin has been reported to be higher in patients with severe asthma and rheumatoid arthritis, and to promote the secretion of a variety of other pro-inflammatory substances. The peak of melatonin secretion is followed by the peak of aldosterone, and a little later by the peak of cortisol."

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