Vast Majority (90%) Of Depression Cases Are Caused By Stress

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    In case anybody continues to doubt the stress-depression connection and/or their doctor tries to convince them their depression is due to genetic predisposition, below is an eye-opening statement from the mighty WebMD - the mouthpiece of mainstream medicine. As the article states, about 10% of people fall into depression without a stressful event. This is a VERY diabolical way of saying that 90% of depression cases are caused by stress. Mainstream medicine may still actually try to claim that 90% of depressed people are genetically predisposed to it, but as I discussed in another post, that is nothing but fraud and fairytales.

    There Is No "Depression Gene", Any "evidence" So Far Has Been Errors / Fraud

    So, as unpleasant as this may be for us to face, this means almost all cases of depression are entirely due to the crushing environment we live in. At least we now know what the real cause is and can take action. I wonder how many other named psychiatric conditions are also predominantly stress-induced...

    "...Even positive events, such as getting married or beginning a new job, can be stressful and may lead to an episode of major depression. Yet about 10% of people suffer from depression without the trigger of a stressful event."
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    Yes, got into a discussion about this with my best friend a couple evenings ago. I think he more or less agrees, but then the debate started to go down the rabbit hole of "weight loss makes you healthy" and that "forcefully restricting calories to make you lose weight makes you healthy".

    Forcefully restricting calories adds another stress on top of all other stress you have in your life and is literally the LAST thing to do to address depression, but I think that point was lost on him.

    He is a former PT so I get why he has been brainwashed by the mainstream, but still frustrating to argue with him. He literally said that cortisol rise is not necessarily stressful. LITERALLY cortisol = stress, lol, it's in the dictionary definition. Arguing with non-Peat type people is frustrating, even if it's my best friend lol

    BTW I'm still very fat but my depression is mostly under control. Yeah I'm working on weight loss, but in a healthy manner. I have been lean most of my life but with much worse depression than now, so no one can convince me that calorie restriction/ forced weight loss automatically = stress reduction.

    The argument with the friend was if someone is in a stressful situation "they just need to cut calories, and get a support network". No, what they need to do is remove the stressful situation. You can't make stress go away by adding more stress. Simple concept, that most people don't understand apparently lol.
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    Makes perfect sense. I'll add that stress can exist long after a stressful event is over. We can recreate, remember, and play movies in our head about a stressful situation or period of time that originally caused the depression -- indefinitely.

    Addressing the memories that are causing the depression is one major key. There are more things responsible, such as diet, light exposure, environment, etc. But this is a major one that most people completely overlook, including therapists/psychologists/psychiatrists. I've never met a therapist who understands that memories are a major cause of depression. I've never met a therapist who has any idea, much less, about how to address and/or change these memories that are causing depression (or other "mental illnesses").

    Faster EFT has worked for me, though admittedly I'm stubborn and have only used it on myself and others, never had a formal appointment myself where I'm the client getting treatment. I've produced lasting results in other people as a result of working with them, and even years later people hit me up to tell me that the issues we worked on never bothered them again. I'm a believer in the method, although it's possible I'm not utilizing it to its fullest potential, as I've only worked on myself. I think it's possible that having someone else work on you has an added healing effect, though I stubbornly resist this idea.

    It's important to note that this is mostly in the subconscious. Some people consciously replay memories, but most of the time it's a compilation of memories that are lost in the subconscious. It can take a lot of effort and concentration and courage to delve into these kinds of painful memories, much less consciously change them and reconstruct them into something we want.

    Very interesting nonetheless. Would certainly be a huge blow to Big Pharma, psychiatry/psychology included, if people could recover far more efficiently and permanently with no medications, as well as far fewer or far less regular therapy sessions. Imagine the loss of profits in these businesses if it was public knowledge that stress, including memories of stressful events long past, were responsible for over 90% of cases of depression and other 'mental illnesses.' Let alone perhaps a large portion of physical illnesses similarly induced or sustained by stress and/or memories of stressful events.

    "You can't expect a man to understand something whose salary depends on him not understanding it."
    This is how I see pharma/psychology/psychiatry in general. I've gone to therapy for over 18 years, been on a whole slew of medications, and never noticed any kind of improvement whatsoever until trying Faster EFT, as well as dietary and lifestyle changes. Even with a poor diet, Faster EFT will still work, though obviously it's easier to heal and recover when your biology is predisposing you to having a positive and relaxed mindset.