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Jun 18, 2013
Does anyone have any comments and or experience with Triphala Powder?


Feb 20, 2013
I do not think Ray Peat is aware of Triphala. He mentioned that tannins are
carcinogenic, specifically skin cancer. Triphala has 75 mg of tannin per gram
and cocoa powder has at least 200 mg per gram. He does recommend dark chocolate.
This gives an idea about tannin content, but i do not know about the safe limit of tannin.
RP recommends cascara as laxative and for other health benefits.
I used Triphala for a long time for my allergy and it helped a lot.
I think this topic is more suitable for non- peat section.


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Jun 18, 2013
Thanks Mittir for your reply. I had no idea about the tannin. I have been taking Triphala for about 2 months (1 month prior to RP). My intentions for taking Triphala is to assist with the bowels and cleansing of the liver. One of my liver enzymes had been elevated for 20 plus years ( I can't recall which one at the moment). My last lab results showed no elevated liver enzymes. I do not know if it's the Triphala or a coincidence. Since I purchase 2 x 500 mg packages I will likely finish up the Triphala and then purchase cascara. I take 3/4 to 1 tsp either first thing in the morning or just before bedtime. Mittir how much were you taking and at what time of the day?


Feb 20, 2013
My allergy was really bad , i was taking a lot. I did not have constipation problem.
But it does improve bowel health and liver.
I soaked big TBS of powder triphala in water and
drank several times a day, mostly in the morning.
I still use it occasionally, whenever i get a stuffy nose or if i feel like
i am about to catch flu. I think it helps with endotoxin.
I also tried in tablet form, the one from Deepak Chopra's company.
It was good but expensive. One of the reason i stopped using regularly is
the quality of the powder i was using. It taste different from batch to batch
After reading several reports on contamination in herbal products.
I am planning to use the triphala in dried fruit form, not the powder.
I think tannin content in 1 gram of triphala is negligible.


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Jun 18, 2013
I'm glad that Triphala worked so well for you.
I'm in Canada so I purchased my organic Triphala online from Truly Organic Foods, Ontario, Canada. It also claims to promote hair growth and have 20 times the vitamin C content of an orange. I'm hoping for the hair growth:)
If your are interested their site is


Oct 21, 2012
Someone recently gave me a 125ml bottle of organic triphala tincture. may have to try it out


Oct 27, 2013
As many concoctions in Ayurvedic herbalism, how it effects someone depends your body type (in ayurvedic terms vitta pitta etc). If taking long term, it would be best to be sure it's best suited for your body type. Triphala is basically a blend of three fruits grown in asia. I'm not sure if there are any PUFAs from seeds in the powder. If you are concerned about the tannin levels, the best option would be to make a hot tea with the powder. then either filter it out, or don't drink the triphala sediment


Feb 20, 2013
Triphala is considered as the panacea in Ayurveda and it is suitable for
all body types ( Vata=Air+Space, Pitta=Fire+Water, Kapha= Earth+Water).
They think it is safe for long term use. Some ayurvedic practitioner
recommends short breaks after a period of regular use.
I think tannin compounds play a role in detoxification process.

Dominance of Kapha is very similar to having hypothyroid condition.
RP praised dairy and fruit based Ayurvedic diet. I was surprised when i saw
similarities between RP's recommendation and Ayurvedic diet
with few exceptions like emphasis on protein intake and some vegetable oil.

Ayurveda recommends Sun light therapy to stimulate digestion and metabolism.

Increased CO2 retention by yogic breathing.

Keeping intestine free of Ama, which is considered the root of all diseases,
mainly a product of undigested food. It is equivalent to endotoxin.

Kapha weakens digestion and thus increases Ama ( endotoxin) production
making things worse. In almost all diseased condition one is Kapha dominant(hypothyroid)

Fire is lacked in Kapaha and increasing fire ( metabolism) is a goal for them.

Triphala acts lot like carrot salad, bamboo shoots and Cascara.

Preference of milk and cheese over yogurt. Sour taste of Yogurt is considered
to decrease heat.

Emphasis on Milk and sweet ripe fruits.

Soaking all kind of grains and nuts. RP used to recommend sprouted and soaked grains.

Butter being the best oil. RP probably prefers coconut oil over butter.

How sattvic ( balancing foods like milk, sweet fruits) changes one's psychological nature.

Oil is considered to lower heat =metabolism.

Digestion is at it's peak around noon and it is weakened after sunset.

It is amazing how Ayurvedic people figured out so many advanced things just by
experimentation and observation more than 2 thousand years ago.
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