The real reason Raw Meat feels so good.


Dec 23, 2020
I think almost everyone in this forum is familiar with the fact that plastic mimics estrogen. This plastic leaches the estrogen when it is heated up.

Guess how almost all meat comes? In a plastic wrapping. Not just any plastic wrapping but that fragile saran wrap film that is highly sticky.

Now here's the really interesting part, Estrogen is fat-soluble. Especially in saturated fat. Meat is the one unique thing in the world with a ton of saturated fat. This literally does not apply to any other food on Earth. Literally almost no other food in the world has saturated fat and comes wrapped in plastic and is cooked after coming in contact with plastic. Think about it.

So the moment you cook almost any meat you buy, you are releasing endocrine disrupting plastic Estrogen that perfectly dissolves in the fat of the meat. Boom, you just got a nice big Estrogen bomb. And not just any Estrogen (since there's many types), but the worst synthetic type of Estrogen. Think you're safe because you go to a special organic local butcher? Nope, most of them bring their large bulk cuts into the shop and store it in plastic wrapping. In short, unless you are raising the animal yourself, the meat is probably coming in contact with plastic at some point.

When you eat raw meat, you get none of that. All you get is the high quality fat soluble nutrients, without the plastic releasing Estrogen because of heat.

You can literally test this yourself. Next time you buy meat, make sure to cut off any parts of the meat that came in contact with plastic (though this will be pretty hard and nearly impossible to do 100%), you will notice a world of difference cooking and eating this meat vs the meat that came in contact with the plastic.

This is probably why there's so many gay and transgender people nowadays. This plastic in meat, and pesticides like Atrazine.


Dec 5, 2020
No, raw meat feels good because people overheat the cooking oils when they fry it instead of steaming the meat on low heat

heated fats are terrible, even sat fats


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Dec 23, 2020
No, raw meat feels good because people overheat the cooking oils when they fry it instead of steaming the meat on low heat

heated fats are terrible, even sat fats
So plastic doesn't release estrogen especially when it is heated?
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