Supplemental thyroid raising estrogen?


Aug 16, 2012
I've seen numerous references to the above on this forum, and the facebook group. However, I can't track down where this information is coming from. Is it anecdotal from weight gain when taking NDT/Cyno? Very curious.


Feb 20, 2013
I have seen some people mentioning that kind of theory.
I do not remember seeing anyone providing any lab numbers, studies or
quote from RP. I have not heard RP saying anything like that.
This whole idea of thyroid increasing estrogen contradicts
the thyroid's ability to lower estrogen. I believe one possible
source of this idea is that so called " Pregnenolone StealTheory".
RP address this idea in an interview. In theory Pregnenolone and progesterone
both can break down into estrogen or cortisol and other stress hormones
But that is less likely to happen as Thyroid, progesterone, pregnenolone
all are anti stress hormones and they oppose estrogen.Progesterone directly nullify estrogen.
The end result should be decrease of estrogen and other stress hormones.
But if someone is taking thyroid and not eating enough food that can lead
to increase in all kind of stress hormones. Thyroid does increase need for
nutrients and calories by increasing metabolism in most cases. In some cases it lowers
need for calories by increasing efficiency. RP mentioned that progesterone
can increase serum estrogen by drawing out estrogen from cells to destroy it.
Thyroid does increase progesterone with the help of Vitamin A.
If someone sees increase in serum estrogen after using thyroid that is most likely
happening due to increase in progesterone.
I think RP articles and audio interviews are best source of nutritional information.
There are too many amateur scientists supplying false or partial information.


Dec 13, 2013
Estrogen increases when there is not enough nutrients to support a certain metabolic rate, even if the metabolic rate increases progesterone too. I think this is why some studies showed caffeine increases estrogen. If it's taken in the right amounts, it's likely to increase progesterone without increasing estrogen.
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