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    Aug 18, 2013
    Lately I am interested in salicylates. Peat likes salicylic acid --actually I do too and think it might be a miracle substance. Aside from the general studies on aspirin, I noted that I had a week of outrageously low blood pressure the week I was drinking a lot of OJ -- problem is I also had a totally shredded stomach and I started to worry I wasn't keeping any of the great nutrients I was taking in.

    OJ has vit c. potassium, and salicylate and I am just getting the feeling that might make it a wonderdrug for hypertension. Too bad I can't drink it.

    So then I started reading about pepto bismol. Basically it's salicylates and bismuth. The salicylates are awesome and the bismuth "coats' the stomach which is fine as long as it does not interfere with digestion too much or cause long term damage the way iron can. Seems to me it might be a good way to get more salicylic acid in you without worrying about damage to the stomach lining?

    Anybody have any thoughts about this?
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