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  1. D

    Where to buy Cabergoline?

    Hey everybody, I'm interested in buying a anti prolactin drug to take once in a blue moon (like after a night of drinking alcohol or having sex for example)..I hear alot about cabergoline but if anybody knows of a more effective drug please let me know...So if anybody could tell me where to buy...
  2. B

    Hydroxychloroquine Has About 90 Percent Chance Of Helping

    Hydroxychloroquine Has about 90 Percent Chance of Helping COVID-19 Patients - AAPS | Association of American Physicians and Surgeons
  3. L

    Remdesivir Your Savior Is Here

    Gilead data suggests coronavirus patients are responding to treatment A Chicago hospital treating severe Covid-19 patients with Gilead Sciences’ antiviral medicine remdesivir in a closely watched clinical trial is seeing rapid recoveries in fever and respiratory symptoms, with nearly all...
  4. GutFeeling

    Benzodiazepines May Be Strong Serotonin Antagonists. Are They Really That Dangerous?

    My doc keep pushing SSRIs and avoiding benzos, even though he knows I would never take a SSRI... Probably gonna get an appointment with another psychiatrist as I suspect he gets profit by selling certains brands. Does anyone have some experience with benzos, especially Clonazepam to share...
  5. ecstatichamster

    Post Here If You Tried Losartan For Flu Covid-19 Etc

  6. ecstatichamster

    Dr. Peat Right Again: Losartan And Covid-19 Evidence For Efficacy

    The Coronavirus Conundrum: ACE2 and Hypertension Edition — NephJC I was struck by the fact that MOST Italians who died seemed to have hypertension as a co-morbidity. Meaning they were taking medication, probably an ACE inhibitor like Lisinopril. But perhaps, Dr. Peat is suggesting that ARB2...
  7. Rickyman

    Anti Malaria Drug Fights Corona Virus Covid-19

    They are talking about hydroxychloroquine @haidut any ideas why this is helping against Covid 19?
  8. haidut

    Aspirin As Effective As Viagra For ED, But With Much Fewer Side Effects

    Yet another blockbuster drug may turn out to be nothing more than a well-marketed gimmick, which while not entirely a scam can be replaced with cheaper, safer alternatives that also have much lower potential for side effects. The drug in question is Viagra, and the humble, just-as-effective...
  9. haidut

    Chronic Nerve Pain May Be Caused By Endotoxin, Commercial Food, And Pharma Drugs

    I posted a few threads last year demonstrating that some cases of chronic nerve pain may be caused by a side effects of opioids - activation of TLR4. However, that study only looked at why certain patients using opioids for severe pain go on to develop chronic pain of phantom origin. As such...
  10. haidut

    Nearly All Prescription (and Some Supplements) Pills Contain Highly Allergenic Excipients

    Finally a study that directly corroborates one of Peat's most consistent message over the years. Namely, that drugs prescribed by doctors and dietary supplements in the forms of capsules/tablets contain additives/excipients that are not harmless at all and in fact can be responsible for many...
  11. haidut

    One Third Of US Adults Take Drugs That Cause Depression And Suicide

    I think this study goes a long way towards explaining the rapid rise in depression and suicide rates over the last 2 decades. The public has only recently become aware of the epidemic due to high profile suicides of celebrities like Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, among others. The fact that...
  12. P

    Vortioxetine - Safer Than Typical SSRIs?

    I haven't seen this drug discussed much on this forum, other than briefly in one thread, so i thought i should create thread around it. It's relatively new, which might be the reason why there's not much discussion about it. I wonder if anyone might have any experience with it, and also how it...
  13. Travis

    Szent-Györgi On Methylene Blue

    Albert Szent-Györgi has written a few books on bioelectronics that are available online: Bioenergetics Introduction to Submolecular Biology Bioelectronics: A study in cellular regulations, defense and cancer The Living State: With Observations on Cancer I have read one of them and am in the...
  14. R

    Cyproheptadine Patent Application 1980's

    Pretty cool
  15. thyrulian

    Aspirin & Caffeine/Coffee Jitters

    BC powder (1 packet throughout the day) nigh obliterates them for me, even with the extra caffeine which I normally wouldn't be able to tolerate. A funny & interesting, delightfully welcome effect. Anyone else?
  16. R

    Does Aspirin & Vitamin E Deplete Or Make The Body Utilize More K2?

    Can someone please explain the process?
  17. Luann

    How Much Aspirin In One Day

    what do you think is the upper limit?
  18. B

    Legit T3 Source That Ships To AUS?

    I really want to experiment with T3 if anyone knows of a source (Australia) please post here or pm thanks
  19. R


    anyone know if this is good or bad? Have some mast cell and histamine problems---looking into using this and maybe cypro
  20. R

    What Do You Think Of Clenbuterol?

    Is this stuff poison or could it have benefits?