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May need higher dose of glycine (10g)?


Nov 27, 2016
Anybody seen this study?
Collagen hydrolysate has 33% glycine residues (25% of its mass), so 10 g of hydrolysate (the daily dose used) means 2.5 g of glycine, which is insufficient for the metabolic needs. It may produce a slight improvement, but better results could be achieved with a daily dose of 10 g of glycine which we are proposing here. On the other hand, gelatin or collagen hydrolysate are not advantageous as proline or lysine sources because their hydroxylated forms, which means about 30-50% of these amino acid residues (Barnes et al. 1974), are useless for reutilization. Thus, although results with collagen hydrolysate may be moderate, they are an indication of the glycine needed to propitiate cartilage regeneration.

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