How should i approach this issue?


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Apr 14, 2021
21M. I have been measuring my temps for some weeks and they've been 36.0-36.5C° and when weather is really hot my morning temps immediately after waking could be 36.6-36.8°C. Resting pulse rate is lower than 60 (measures with Samsung galaxy watch 3)

So 5 days ago I took 1/8 of a cynoplus with breakfast and 1/8 of a cynomel with a meal. I started to feel very warm, felt a little anxiety and a weird feeling in my chest/heart area. Later in the day my hands started to shake a little and would start sweating at random times. My thoughts were racing and I was very energetic and I started having weird sensations at my thyroid area. These are signs of hyper, so I stopped taking thyroid but I'm still measuring my morning temps and after 2 days my morning temps were lower than 36.6 and my hands were ice cold. Got better throughout the day, but now 5 days later my temps are still low again in the mornings.

Other symptoms that I had before: hair loss (mpb since 17), tiredness, depression, low energy, brain fog, bad memory, can't lose weight no matter what diet I try or how little I eat (did onle small meal a day for a month and gained 4 kg), would panic and get bad anxiety when something a little stressful happens, yawning all the time, when I talk the words come out completely different than I intended and I'm always looking for words to say, cold extremities, sensitive to cold, low temps, low pulse and in not a pro athlete but I do strength train every day

Ive read it could be due to low or high cortisol so I'm having hyper symptoms when I take thyroid. I'm going to take a break from thyroid for two weeks and then try a lower dose of only cynoplus (1/16 of a cynoplus), and based on Danny roddys articles the hyper symptoms should resolve themselves in some time, and if my temps and pulse don't get better I'll add some cynomel and more cynoplus every two weeks until temps get better.

What do you think of this approach?

I'm currently taking these supplements:
Aspirin 400 mg every other day
Magnesium 600 mg a day
Vitamin D 15000 iu a day
Vitamin K2 5 mg a day
Vitamin A 5000 iu once a week
Zinc 20 mg a day
Vitamin E 250 mg a day
My ferritin 2 months ago was 45 mcg/l so I supplement with ferrous fumarate and vitamin C 1000 mg a day
450 mg NAC random days in the week
12.5-50 mg iodine a day
200 mcg selenium a day

I eat at least 4 fruits a day and try to eat a salad a day, and avoid unhealthy food. In my childhood however I would eat very unhealthy, eat chewing gum, eat the toothpaste etc
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