Here is my run down

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    Feb 19, 2014
    Here is my run down:
    Im a 50 year old female. I found the forum from Ray Peat's page and I found Ray Peat whilst reading an article which mentioned his work so I thought that I would see what he had to say. I have always struggled with oestrogen dominance and there is also a few thyroid issues in the family. I always suspected a thyroid issue but as you can guess the tests never show that and you get told to go live a more productive life and deal with your declining health. I discovered that when you asked 'why?' or questioned results that you just upset the order of things, which is good because it makes you go looking for your own answers. Thank God for Ray Peat, for now I know the 'why' and my life will be better for it!
    I began Peating about a month ago after suffering the aftermath of the low carb, paleo malarky that is rampant in the Crossfit world. It only took 6 months of eating along those guidelines to turn me into a complete mess and I spent another 11 months trying to sort things out. In a very short time I gained 12kgs and also had a chronic incapacitating knee injury that no one could explain which meant that I couldnt train or even walk very far. It was pure and simple chronic inflammation at its best. Since Peating that has improved so much its unbelievable!
    Ive always had a low body temp anywhere between 34.5-35.5. My resting pulse rate was around 46 bpm. Today my first temp was 35.9 and my pulse was 53. Its only a small increase but Im happy. Im still learning and reading everything that I can get my hands on of Ray Peats and I also read the posts on the this Forum to see what others are doing. Im adding new things bit by bit, started adding salt the other day, amazing! I love the milk, the oj with gelatin, the gummy bear gelatin stuff, the fruit. The daily carrot is amazing. Not a big egg fan but I'll deal with that. Coffee, milk and sugar, never giving that up again! Im probably still not eating enough as I dont really feel that hungry but I guess the metabolism will improve.
    I am currently waiting for my cynoplus to arrive, its going to take up to 5 weeks they say but that will give me time to get stuck into the diet more in the meantime. Im still trying to work out what other supplements to get but that will work itself out in time.