Hiya new here and learning


Feb 18, 2013
Hi all, Got turned on to Ray Peat from Matt Stone and Danny Roddy and just devoured a ton of Ray Peat articles this weekend. Started the same old way. WAPF for a year, then moderate carb paleo, then no sugar etc. but in 3 years still precious little progress with weight, sleep or mood:(
Read Diet Detox by Matt Stone and started to connect a few dots via low temps and a slow pulse which may have been preventing me from losing weight my whole life. Semi-diagnosed as hypo-thyroid, but how can I trust a naturopathic doctor who told me to take tryptophan! Pretty confused how to survive this dietary advice HE dbl toothpicks I'm living in. Anyway, just collecting my own data now, temps, pulse and of course adding more sugar, fruit, and other carbs back in as an experiment. Thanks in advance for answering any Newbie questions I come up with.


The Law & Order Admin
Jan 4, 2012
Peat415, welcome to the forum. :welcome

Seems like a lot of people travel the same path to get here. Also seems like most people are settling in here and not in a hurry to find another route. Some people say, it feels like home. I think they are right.

See you around!
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