Sep 19, 2013
Any thoughts? Could this be responsible for any diseases or conditions? Or hinder the ability to get well?
Nov 16, 2012
Oh... EMF is a whole subject in and of itself, different frequencies have different effects, most are bad. It would take me some time to even gather up all the research one could start with but let me just suggest to look up research done by Allan Frey, and the best advice I can give:

Turn off all mobile phones when not in use. Replace wi-fi routers and devices with corded devices, that includes phone base stations. Anything that emits any kind of radiation. Try to minimize exposure as much as possible.

In any case, it's much worse than people think.


MyUsernameHere said:
Replace wi-fi routers and devices with corded devices

Would it make a difference if you get 20 wi-fi signals from neighbors?
Nov 16, 2012
Since EMF follows inverse square law, of course the further away you are from any signal generated the less damage they will cause. It makes sense to at least minimize/eliminate the ones in your house. And similarly the strength is cumulative so if you have 20 devices in a 10 meter area this is a lot worse than 2 devices in a 10 meter area. The less, the better. I had a wi-fi modem in my room which was several feet from my head for about a year or so. Wasn't doing myself any favors with that and I'm glad to have gotten rid of it.


Oct 27, 2013
If you can't avoid using a wifi router, at least turn it off at night. Maybe if you know your neighbors, you can provide them with some info and maybe they'll do the same.

With cell phones, never put the phone to your head while it's ringing, it's emf is several time stronger when making a call. Don't store the cell near soft tissue, as it absorbs the radiation.

other sources are smart meters, and cell towers which are even worse if you are close by.


Feb 12, 2014

Sources that I have found helpful: Dr. Sam Milham, Dr. Magda Havas

Diseases and electromagnetic field exposure- dirty electricity-the problem and suggestions to mitigate damage-



Youtube also has lots of informative videos with these two scientists. Subjects include:
Studies of diseases from 1900 to present and disease correlation

How our industrial and home wiring was never upgraded from 1950 and how our wiring systems
carry dangerous transient spikes that harm us

How electrical companies discharge electricity into the ground when this should all be carried in our
electrical wire grid back to the substations- very harmful

Wifi, dect phone, smart meter dangers etc…
Lots of vital in-depth info. Well worth the listen!

What I have done for myself is I have tried to remove as many electrical devices from the bedroom (very important for sleep because this radiation with pulsed waves disrupts sleep)- I got rid of the TV. At night absolutely no cell phones, nor dect phones, computers. If you have an electric alarm clock, fan or any electrical device near your headboard or bedside tables move them away from your body.

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