DHEA Agonizes Estrogen Beta Receptor


Apr 2, 2020
Hi guys, i follow a guy on Youtube, he speaks about a lot of different stuff, i support some of them (the benefit of progesterone for sex and libido etc) but i don't support at all other ones (fasting, view on sugars etc). By the way, some times ago he uploaded on instagram a pic and described in the descritpion how DHEA agonizes Estrogen beta Receptors and how DHEA has a greater affinity for them even in comparison to Estradiol and that is bad for fertility. What are the consequences of that, con someone explaina little bit?
As far i understood is not the aromatization fo DHEA into estrogens that causes that, but DHEA itself that agonizes the recptors. This is the link to the post: Login • Instagram

An this is the description: "This is where DHEA and it’s sulfate form (DHEA-S), which is also interesting for neurogenesis, fall in the steroid hormone synthesis pathway. Supplemental DHEA is only converted at a rate of less than 2% to testosterone, which is why I think it is unlikely to affect testosterone production. On the other hand, DHEA has an affinity for the estrogen beta receptor that is even greater than estradiol’s, which means it can be harmful if you are trying to recover fertility after using testosterone replacement. This is because the pituitary’s gonadotropin releasing hormone receptive neurons also carry estrogen beta receptors. The whole reason we take SERMs and AIs when recovering fertility is to shut down that activation of the estrogen receptors at the pituitary neurons that works as a negative feedback mechanism for the production of gonadotropins. Takeaway: I don’t worry about using DHEA for neurogenesis and neuroprotection, but I wouldn’t use it when trying to recovery fertility. As I mentioned in an earlier comment, cycle it, because it’s neurotrophic effects are mediated by its agonism of the sigma 1 receptor, and neuronal receptors downregulate quickly."
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