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Pansterone - Liquid Pregnenolone/DHEA Mix


Jun 22, 2017
If anyone can read through my thread to comment on my results of using pansterone, gonadin, energin and kuione
The results were somewhat confusing (hormone lab tests).



Jan 14, 2020
I've been using Pansterone for four months now, so figured it's time I gave a review. Haidut has been helpful to answer questions and guide me along til I found what worked.

I noticed effects from Pansterone in a week. I had made a post a while back about brain fog, muscle stiffness, swelling, aches, fatigue all over after working even a few hours. This is it: Sore/Stiff/Swollen after working This would go on all evening and into the next day. Aspirin helped a little, but the mental fog/fatigue was bad as ever. I would have no energy mentally or physically. I was told it could be hypothyroidism. I tried some T3 for a while, but it had no effect. But after using Pansterone for a week, this problem went away and stayed away. Sleep is also good. It's remarkable that I can work all day but still come home and do chores, cook, have mental energy to work on something else. Before Pansterone, I would come home and lay like a sloth with no energy, like a chronic fatigue, and it would often persist even after a night's sleep, and I would feel like a zombie well into the next day.

Since Pansterone, I don't get headaches on the job or very rarely now. I used to get them daily and would have to pound aspirin to make a dent in it.

I also stopped getting the big, hard, painful lumpy cysts on face -especially lower half of face and my neck. I still get some pimples during second half of cycle, but there are only a couple, and they are much smaller and go away fast. I also have less unwanted hair. It's slower to grow, thinner, finer, softer if it's there at all. Easier periods. Might have something to do with regular aspirin intake too.

I lose less hair from my head. Before this, sometimes I would run my fingers through my hair and pull out a lot of strands. I don't lose much hair in the shower or other times now.

I've also been able to lose a little more weight. It may be the Pansterone and/or niacinamide too.

I really like the new formula of Pansterone. Less drops needed and I don't get skin irritation from it now. It soaks into skin better than the old one. At one point, I was getting a lot of itchy spots from the old Pansterone, and stopped using it for a week, and started using an oral dhea and pregnenolone instead. But my old symptoms started coming back (extreme fatigue) plus I got some weird estrogen-like symptoms. So I went back to Pansterone and my symptoms went away.

Some quotes from haidut:

Initially, when a person is young and healthy they produce enough DHEA to balance off the cortisol. That is why many younger people feel so good under stress - i.e. the cortisol gives them energy but they also have enough DHEA to protect them. Eventually, with declining thyroid function DHEA production drops but cortisol stays high. This leads to the familiar pattern or weight gain, tired but wired, loss of muscle mass, etc. Women need androgens almost as much as men do and DHEA is the major androgen for women since they do not produce testosterone in their gonads. Over the last decade there has been more and more evidence that autoimmune conditions in women are characterized by deficiency of BOTH progesterone and DHEA and elevation of cortisol and estrogen. So, due to declining thyroid the organism cannot produce enough of the DHEA and progesterone to balance cortisol and estrogen respectively.

Adding: I normally apply 2 drops 2 or 3 x day.

Hi Peta. I know it's been long time ago since your post, but this new frmulation you used was it with SFA esters and anhydrol or with tocoferols?

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