Dean Clifford & "The Law Movement"

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    Hey guys, gals. I'm going to step away from the forum, likely for good. I've been reading this forum intensely for a year now, and figured out what I need to know to get my metabolism heading back in the right direction, which is the reason I came here in the first place. I want to spend more time gathering knowledge on my other areas of interest.

    Anyway, before I leave, I want to share some information with you that I think will directly impact your life. For about 4 years now, I've been reading and watching articles and videos on the internet about things going on in the world that the television is simply never going to tell you. I've got a folder of documentaries on my computer that's 100GB+ in size (and growing), about almost everything you could imagine (and I'm talking real doco's you can only find on the net, not the watered down crap you see on TV), and this stuff is hands down the most important information I've come across.

    Dean Clifford is a guy in Canada who in 2010 started teaching free seminars about how to defend your rights against the government, in some spheres being referred to as "The Law Movement" or the "Freeman on the land" movement. In the late 90's the Tax Office tried to railroad him, demanding exbortitant income taxes from him, the amount being greater than what he had even grossed from his construction business for that year. He couldn't afford a lawyer, so he decided to start studying law on his own.

    Long story short, I'll link some of his interviews at the bottom of this post so you can get his full back story, he stopped paying taxes, returned his identification documents back to the government, and "withdrew" from the entire Canadian Government system. He's been arrested and thrown in jail a number of times, and yet the Canadian Government has never been able to register a conviction against him for any of the charges they've brought against him.

    He just got out of prison at the end of March this year after being held as a political prisoner for nearly 18 months. The Canadian government had him arrested (again) in November 2013 after the videos of his seminars started going viral, and they decided he was starting to become too dangerous. He was literally arrested during one of his seminars. The Attorney-General of Manitoba, where he lives, was directly involved in Dean being denied his most basic human rights whilst in prison (utterly disgraceful).

    I first caught on to Dean's story in early 2013, and saved a heap of his videos to my youtube account to download at a later time when I had the chance. When I went to download them last year, they had all been removed from youtube. Now that Dean's out of jail, he's getting all his stuff back up online.

    I would imagine that a lot of people on this forum are asking themselves questions like:

    "What's it going to be like when I can't buy the food I want because the government interferes with it?"
    "What's it going to be like when I can't get the supplements I need because the government makes them
    "What am I going to do when the government starts making vaccination mandatory?"

    Well you don't have to wonder anymore, it's happening NOW. I know there are a number of parents on this forum who are concerned about the coordinated effort we are seeing from the western world governments to "eliminate" all "loopholes" parents are "exploiting" to stop their children from being vaccinated, and with good damn reason. That people voluntarily line-up to have a needle full of god knows what injected into their body is just beyond me. There's something very, very wrong in society when people who exercise their right to choose what to put into their OWN DAMN BODIES are scoffed at for "exploiting loopholes". Our forefathers and mothers would be rolling in their graves at how apathetic we've let ourselves become.

    The more people there are in society who know how to defend their own rights without needing a lawyer, the harder it's going to be for governments to do to anyone what they've done and are still doing to Dean. All of his content is free; there's no money involved in this movement.

    Hopefully no one tries to poo-poo this post, but to anyone who does I say this: if you're happy to let the government control your life, knock yourself out. But stop trying to cram your religion of government down the throats of people like me who want to exercise our pre-existing right to self-determine. I'd rather be a "conspiracy theorist" than someone who plops themself in front of the TV and allows themself to be spoonfed blatant propaganda like a baby because going along with the mainstream is "cool".

    Dean's site:

    Dean's channels: ... k8VWUfwlfA

    Channels with his seminar videos: ... query=dean

    Interviews: .com/watch?v=vZI5bGQ3lhs .com/watch?v=fB5iaLeTICY .com/watch?v=F2sXGlqfXv8 ... radio.html

    If you want to save all of this material to your hard drive, and I strongly suggest you should, you can download an Add-on for the Firefox browser called Video DownloadHelper that allows you to save videos to your computer. Burn it to DVDs, copy it onto USB sticks, get the information out there. Share it with family, friends, social media. I predict this movement over the next decade will achieve critical mass, as is currently happening with vaccines and GMO, but we all need to assume responsibility in disseminating the information far and wide to make sure that happens.

    If anyone thinks I'm being a bit over the top with all this, check out the recent "holographic protest" in Spain and ask yourself if that's what a free society looks like.
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