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Nov 11, 2021
Fellow Aussies, what do you plan to do for these elections?

For anyone who isn't still brainwashed, the general consensus is to vote independent and hopefully we'll have a hung parliament. This funny political satire channel sort of explains it in simplest terms. We want a hung parliament.

Politics is not taught in primary or high school so I'm completely ignorant to it. It should be a necessary subject in school for all children, like taxation and other important subjects of life. I always just voted Libs because my old man votes Lib. But there's no way in heck I'm voting Lib, Labour or Greens now.

I've been following Ricardo Bosi and Australia One Party. He doesn't hold back on his accusations of the government, for example he openly says our entire government (Libs, Labor and greens) is full of child molesting, murdering, masonic Satanists. I mean, I would have told you I think that's crazy only 3 years ago, but to be honest anything is possible today, and today, I believe him.

What do you guys think?


Jun 7, 2016
Paul Keating said that both the Liberal and labor party's were not fit for the job.

I just got finished listening to all the interviews with Kerry O'brian and Paul Keating on YouTube and now understand the magnitude of how stupid Scomo was with the debacle of wanting an independent investigation into the origin of covid Chinese and with the submarines and France. He maybe the worst PM in Australias history.

The Libs just protect the rich people and rob the working class but labor since Keating haven't been very good and the another issue is Davos people and any party who is wanting to make policy's from the world Economic forum need to be avoided like the greens. The Conservatives are toxic to the country unless your already old money.

My parents vote libs too based on the philosophy of if we help the rich people it will trickle down to the working class but I don't think it works that way.

Labor should be making policy's to bring more wealth and opportunities to the working class and creating a good middle class instead of low class and upper class divide.

Geopoliticaly China is returning to being the most powerful country in the world since the industrial revolution and America has been the world power but they can't control China and America is losing its power and so Australia needs to be careful with being a yes man to America and not building good relationships with China and the rest of East Asia because Australia is in the Asia Pacific.

Keatings mantra is that we should find our security in Asia and not from it.

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