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"Aspirin is coming to be widely accepted as an anticancer...


The Law & Order Admin
Jan 4, 2012
:hattip Sean

Ray Peat said:
"Aspirin is coming to be widely accepted as an anticancer agent, and at moderate doses can cause cancer cells to die. It, like progesterone and thyroid, has a wide variety of anti-estrogenic effects. Especially when a tumor is painfully inflamed, aspirin’s effects can be quick and dramatic. However, people aren’t likely to be pleased if their cancer doctor tells them to “take aspirin and call me in six months."


Jan 1, 2013
Re: "Aspirin is coming to be widely accepted as an anticance


Max Gerson used too aspirin to lower cancer pains:

Gerson’s prescription for pain relief consisted of the following: coffee enemas (given every two hours if necessary), 5 g of aspirin, 100 mg of vitamin C and 50 mg of niacin, up to four times in the course of 24 hours. He noted that this also produced restful sleep in even the worst cases

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