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Are there any Ray Peat trained doctors?

Discussion in 'Ask For Help or Advice' started by Zpol, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. Zpol

    Zpol Member

    Does anyone know where I can get medical help from someone who understands how metabolism, thyroid, hormones, gut bacteria, adrenals, and diet/supplements all work together, and is familiar with Ray Peat's research?

    I have major chronic constipation and bloating caused by small intestine bacterial overgrowth (this is the worst problem by far), hypothyroid (Hashimoto's), Polycystic overy syndrome, and food intolerances.

    I've already tried many different holistic wellness professionals to no avail (some made me worse).
    I have an endocrinologist and gastro doc but the endo's only advice is to take thyroid meds (which I am but they don't work long term) and the gastro doc is useless. The thyroid meds only work for a few months then I end up feeling even worse than before, then she ups the dosage or changes the brand and type, then once again I'll feel better for a few months then back to feeling worse. I read this may have something to do with adrenals but the endo doc says that is not likely that I have adrenal problems.
    As for the PCOS, she has me on 10 days in a row of 100mg every 3 months.

    Basically I'm quite sick. I'm almost 35 and living with my parents because I'm too sick to manage on my own.

    I had been on Armour (which worked for 3 months, then I felt much worse, plus it had bad side effects), the endo doc just switched me to Levothyroxine and cynomel so I guess I'll see how that works.

    I'd hire Ray Peat himself if that were possible but from what i've read he doesn't have a practice anymore. Is there anyone else that is as knowledgeable as him?
    Also, taking hormones like progesterone and pregnelone and anti-inflammatories like asprin can be quite dangerous. Apparently Ray Peat himself developed mouth lesions which freaks me out, makes me think I should be dealing with a medical doctor when attempting his protocols.

    So anyone have some words of advise for me?
  2. jyb

    jyb Member

    I am not aware of any advantage of seeing a doctor for this purpose, other than mentoring (it can take time to digest the information) and ease of access to some drug or supplements: the knowledge is already available in his articles, on this forum (which includes feedback and comments on the substances you don't seem keen to experiment with), and if you have something very specific maybe he'll answer your email.

    Ray Peat himself developed mouth lesions? I haven't read that before...
  3. Mittir

    Mittir Member

    Did you ask RP himself if he stopped nutritional counseling?
    As far as i know he still gives nutritional advice. Instead of relying on
    2nd hand information it is better to ask him directly. Where did you learn RP had
    mouth lesions? Any hormone can be dangerous if it is used improperly.
    Dr Peat is not a MD, he has a PhD in biology specializing in Physiology.
  4. Jenn

    Jenn Member

  5. jyb

    jyb Member

  6. Jenn

    Jenn Member

  7. Dan Wich

    Dan Wich Member

    Welcome, Zpol!

    I agree with the prior posts about doctors not necessarily being that helpful with these issues, and that Peat himself might help you. We can probably help answer "beginner" questions on his behalf though.

    If you need immediate detailed help, you could try consulting with Danny Roddy or Josh and Jeanne Rubin. They are not medical doctors though; maybe your current endocrinologist can help monitor you for issues as you experiment.
  8. Jenn

    Jenn Member

    I tell you what. Sometimes investing a little in someone who already knows what they are doing and aren't interested in milking you, can save you a LOT of money. So many people using or pushing supplements that may or may not be doing any good or be usable by the body, when a few simple different food choices maybe all that's needed.
  9. Zpol

    Zpol Member

    Thanks for all the replies!

    Jenn, how do you use Epson salt? and how much per day?
    I've heard of taking baths in it but I don't have a bathtub, is there another way?

    I have been perusing the topics on this forum that pertain to me but there's so many different things that people have tried that it will take me years to try everyone's suggestions. Plus many people say they've tried this or that but don't give enough detail as to how much, how often, what type, what brand, etc.

    For the last 10+ yrs. I've spent nearly all my free time on the computer researching and reading forums, that causing more stress than it's preventing. I've missing birthday parties, weekend trips, vacations, spending time with family and friends, and so on. I have learned many valuable things...but I just want to get away from this damn computer. I'll never stop doing my own research completely but I just need some guidance so that I'm not researching the wrong things. For example, I thought IBS was my problem, then SIBO, now I find out I should have been researching hashimoto's all this time.

    I will check out energy concepts (thanks for the link Jenn). Josh and Jeanne seem nice but I'm just not sure they can help with problems that are as severe as mine. Does anybody have experience with them?

    I assumed Ray Peat was not available anymore since I can't find out how to contact him. He has no email listed on his web page. Does anyone know how to contact him?

    Yea, I hear ya! I've already been milked many times however, by accupuncturists, chiropractors, naturopaths, nutrition counselors, etc. But I do need help so I keep looking for someone who can fill in the missing links for me, beyond what I have been able to figure out for myself. Particularly with digestion, hormone dosing, and how much to exercise and eat so that I can fix my metabolism with out getting adrenal fatigue.

    Thanks again everyone!
  10. jyb

    jyb Member

    You are already getting distracted about details (salt bathtub dosage, what brands to use)... So I recommend you read a user friendly summary somewhere. Danny Roddy has some but his books are not free.
  11. Jenn

    Jenn Member

    Ronnie and Carla have a lot of experience and walk their talk. Their personal philosophy is that you can get healthy eating at Walmart. (Not that you have to shop there, but that eating healthy does NOT have to be elitist.) Were talking lymphoma, all types of cancers, sleep apnea, PMS, endometriosis, constipation, insomnia, birth defects (like organs not being connected), diabetes, etc. They work with recovering WAPFers, cardiologists (in secret ), Amish/Menonnites, hard core 5th generation beef ranchers and vegans. Anyone who is willing to take responsibility for their own health.
  12. Zpol

    Zpol Member

    Thanks Jenn! I have reviewed the energy concepts website. It appears to be exactly what I've been looking for. It looks like they will be able to answer some of my questions and help me get on the right path.
  13. Gabriel

    Gabriel Member

    Jenn, when it comes to healing cancer with nutrition alone, I get very sceptical. Especially with claims like "all types of cancer". Healing non-malignant chronic inflammatory conditions or preventing cancer by nutrition I totally agree with you. But malignant cancer is a different story. Often, surgery and chemotherapy are the only options that induce remission. They is very convincing empirical evidence that they work and increase survival. For nutrition, such thing has never been shown convincingly and I highly doubt if it is possible. If so, only in a small selected minority of cancer patients may improve on nutritinal monotherapy and it is not clear if this minority would have improved on their own (without any dietary change).

    Be careful when giving false hopes and steering people away from therapies that may save their lifes.
  14. Gabriel

    Gabriel Member

    J. you obviously don't have cancer, otherwise you'd see the issue differently. If you have something meaningful to say, I'm looking forward to it, but don't just coldheartedly downvote my response to Jenn's remark.
  15. Zpol

    Zpol Member

    I'm not sure who or why someone down voted your post. But since I have just reviewed Carla's website I thought I'd point out that Carla is a holistic nurse, as such she provides complimentary/alternative health modalities but she makes a point to say "Doing so does not negate the validity of conventional medical therapies, but serves to complement, broaden, and enrich the scope of nursing practice and to help individuals access their greatest healing potential. "
  16. Gabriel

    Gabriel Member

    Yes, and I totally agree with that. A good diet can and should be one of the elements of an anti-cancer therapy and it certainly plays a role there. I just wanted to make a cautious remark that a diet-only approach to cancer may not be the best choice, especially when it comes to malignant cancer.

    I fully respect the work that Ronnie and Carla do in this field.
  17. Jenn

    Jenn Member

    I don't recall saying one way or the other about diet alone. I think you reading more into my statement than intended. There are certainly times when you probably don't have enough time for the body to do its thing.

    However, it has been done. ;)

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