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  1. JamesGatz

    WHAT do I ask my BUTCHER if I need the most gelatinous cuts of meat?

    The gelatin powder I've been using for the past two years changed their formula recently because their new bottle makes me SICK I want to EXPERIMENT - I've seen people on here getting GELATINOUS cuts of meat from the butcher (Example: Lamb Shanks) But I REALLY DON'T KNOW what to specifically...
  2. JamesGatz

    What are the good options for STORE BOUGHT bone broth (US)?

    The gelatin powder I've been using for the past two years changed their formula recently because their new bottle makes me SICK I AM NOT in a situation where I can make bone broth myself consistently so im looking for GOOD OPTIONS for store-bought bone broth for the US Something that is more...
  3. C

    Warning About Gelatin Powder. Damaged Sleep For Years (Did Peat Turn Away From it?)

    I'm posting so people like me don't overlook it as a possibility. I hope it helps someone. After years of trouble shooting since adopting Dr. Peat's principles, I'm about certain that the 14-21 grams of gelatin a day was making my sleep worse. I was usually using Now Brand Beef gelatin but I...
  4. L

    Gelatin (Now brand) indigestion

    Well, I suppose I’m a great N1 for Now Brands gelatin. I’ve used it for well over a year as my sole source of Gelatin. —— TLDR: Now Brands left me with bad results, beef tendons do fine. Looking at Knox Brand gelatin. I’ve suggested it to people on this forum cuz it’s so cheap, but, now please...
  5. haidut

    Gut bacteria overgrowth drives (cocaine) addiction; glycine can reverse it

    Yet another study highlighting the importance of the microbiome for our health, and suggesting again that there may be no such thing as truly beneficial bacteria. Any bacteria capable of colonizing our GI tract seems to be capable of causing pathology if it is allowed to proliferate without...
  6. S

    Are the ingredients in this gelatin any good?

    Where I live (Brazil) it is very difficult to find cheap gelatin without ascorbic acid and artificial sweeteners. I came across this product that caught my attention for not having either of these two ingredients. GELATINA CEREJA QUALIMAX 1KG (cherry jelly) Ingredients: Sugar, gelatin, salt...
  7. lyfe

    Gelatin Creme Brulee - FINALLY A Gelatin Recipe I LOVE To Eat

    I've been toying around with gelatin trying to find a recipe that masks the taste of it. Although I don't find the taste of gelatin repulsive, it definitely isn't "good." I wanted to try to make a recipe that resembled creme brulee and this is what I came up with. It tastes best about 20 minutes...
  8. wealthofwisdom

    Is Collagen As Good As Gelatin?

    I asked this in a previous thread, but I didn't get a definitive answer. I have multiple containers of Collagen. Like this: Shop Online, Shopping List, Digital Coupons | Sprouts Farmers Market Would this have all of the same nutritional benefits as Gelatin (that I read about a lot on this...
  9. wealthofwisdom

    Gelatinous Stew Recipe?

    Researching through the threads I see the advice to "eat what you like", which I think is good advice. My sense is that i need to be eating more nourishing foods, especially with lots of gelatin and animal parts that I don't normally eat (ie - non muscle parts). To me stew is one of the most...
  10. G

    I Wrongly Brought Collagen As Gelatin, Is It The Same?

    I just start to ray peat diet. But I mistakenly brought collagen powder. Should I consume it? Or buy anther?
  11. P

    Bone Broth Analysis, Minerals

    I found it very interesting so I made a topic. , its good to know,hopefully the numbers are legit(it seems to be!) It also has analysis of green broth, nettle,Dandelion. Bone Broth Analysis: Reader Research | alive
  12. haidut

    Just One (1) Tablespoon Of Gelatin Daily Is Enough To Improve Joint Health

    A human study, and as such very relevant. The current "kind" of joint supplements on mainstream TV is undoubtedly glucosamine. Very little evidence is available to support the claims behind this heavily advertised supplement. On the other hand, gelatin (and glycine) have over 100 years of...
  13. Amazoniac

    Swore By Their Favorite Plush Toy: Supplemental Gelatin Might Require Extra Vitamin B12

    ..and can exacerbate a deficiency, especially in large amounts. Toxicity of Glycine for Vitamin B12-Deficient Chicks.† <- Crosses like this are scary. "Twenty-eight day-old White Leghorn chicks which had been fed the vito B12-deficient diet shown in Table I from the day of hatching were used...
  14. P

    Gelatin In Orange Juice

    Do any of you have any experiences from putting gelatin in orange juice. I struggle to find a proper way consume gelatin otherwise. Is it dissolved properly?
  15. Amazoniac

    Gelatin Can Exarcerbate A Protein Insufficiency

    Hydrolyzed collagen (gelatin) decreases food efficiency and the bioavailability of high-quality protein in rats "Gelatin and collagen hydrolysate have been shown to improve skin hydration, transepidermal water loss, elasticity, and skin barrier dysfunction 7, 8. Furthermore, they have been used...
  16. Ahanu

    How Much Gelatine Is In Gummy Bears?

    Has anyone calculated how much gelatin is in a gummy bear (harribo) or how many of them would be a good supply of gelatin?
  17. R

    How Much Gelatin Is Safe?

    I have been getting 150g of gelatin lately (the great lakes green can) with only a tin amount of muscle meat. is this ideal or no?
  18. burtlancast

    Life Supporting Substances - It's Rain Making Time, 2011-07-04

    Download link for the audio file: http://media.blubrry.com/itsrainmakingtime/p/itsrainmakingtime.com/_radioshows/110704Peat.mp3
  19. Amazoniac

    Collagen Hydrolyzate: Great Lakes, HealthNatura And VitalProteins

    Now that I've tried both: Great Lakes has a very mild taste, even powder, lighter color, and you can definitely taste a bit of salt (as mentioned on the label). Peter's is just the opposite; strong taste (overpowers everything), uneven powder (very fine particles mixed with rough ones), a bit...
  20. milk_lover

    I Was Doing Gelatin Wrongly All This Time!

    Good news, ladies and gentlemen. Now I can tolerate the generic gelatin powder with no issues. Maybe this thread will help others who have problems with the regular gelatin powder. I did my coffee latte with gelatin the old way (i.e., mixing everything together and warming it until it reaches...