Bone Broth Analysis, Minerals


Oct 15, 2016
Is bone broth done for minerals? I thought it was done for gelatin, collagen , glycine , other amino acids etc..


Jul 2, 2017
Are there any safe, reasonably-undenatured bone broth brands?


Apr 15, 2020
This study is really good, worth a read.
Basically, add some vinegar to increase pH so extracted Calcium, Magnesium is higher, Toxic Metals minimally affected, and lower Iron and unaffected Zinc extraction. I know Ray doesn't advise long cooking times but for Oxtail and Calf muscles from Beef 8 hours works for me, it way to get a good Gelatin broth from them. I guess the next step is to add some vinegar, although I don't know if that will denature Protein and Glycine too much.
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