1. S


    Hello can someone help me out. Everytime I add gelatine to my hot drink of milk, I drink it all I find most of it at the bottom, any solutions? Thanks
  2. F

    Gut bacteria has ability to break down gelatin and feed on?

    It seems certain microorganism have the enzyme gelatinase and can feed on undigested gelatin? ... n_bacteria This can explain why some people dont do well on gelatin, like me.
  3. J

    Collagen Hydrolysate Vs. Gelatin

    What's the difference?
  4. B

    Where can I get gelatin in Spain?

    Where can I get gelatin in Spain? So far I have only seen the small packets of sheets in the supermarkets.
  5. Vinero

    Gelatin Can Acutally Increase Serotonin

    Hello all, I live in the Netherlands and the only Gelatin that is available here are Gelatin sheets made from pork skin. So I use these as my source for the anti-inflammatory, anti-serotonin amino acids. I usually heat milk in the microwave and then dissolve the Gelatin in the hot milk. After an...
  6. J

    Gelatin Issues

    Many people mention having some sort of problem after eating gelatin. I wonder if the problem is the container and not the gelatin. I have the impression that Now Foods Gelatin comes in plastic. Great Lakes Gelatin in aluminium cans. Hoosier Hill Farm Gelatin in glass. (I never bought Great...
  7. J

    Is Now Foods Gelatin Irradiated?

    A question at Peatarian: I think the animals used to make Great Lakes Gelatin are from Argentina. What about Now Foods Gelatin? People are saying that Fukushima radiation from Japan made cow products from the West Coast not safe to eat.
  8. J

    Bulk gelatin in sf bay area

    Hello all Gelatin, in a simple potato soup, is currently starting to help clear up horrible illness I've been going through for a few years now. I am all the sudden noticing sone important changed I've been looking for. But myTh bulk gelatin is too slow in shipment. I'll be buying 25 pounds ina...
  9. Bluebell

    Is it easier to digest jello vs. liquid gelatin?

    I'm having a little trouble digesting the gelatin well. I was having it in hot water with sugar, but I switched to hot milk which is a little better. I was wondering if actually eating the gelatin in the form of jello is easier to digest? (I could make a milk/coffee jello) And if I do that...
  10. Bluebell

    Eating Lots Of Gelatin But No Meat OK?

    Recently I've not been eating meat, no particular reason, I just haven't felt like it. I do eat liver weekly. I wonder if it's still OK to eat large amounts of gelatin on a meat-free diet, would I risk tipping the balance of amino acids too far in the other direction?
  11. D

    Gelatin Issue [dissolving Gelatin Powder]

    hi all i put gelatin powder in my coffee but i find it does not dissolve well and ends up as a big blob at the bottom of my cup, of course i use a spoon and get it all out and chew it, but i was wondering if others have this issue from powder or do you use gelatin strips. what is better > thanks...
  12. D

    How many tablespoons of gelatin a day?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering how many tablespoons a day of gelatin you all consume? and what would be a minimal daily amount of gelatin for someone who doesn't eat soup/broth (yet) ? Also,I had this complete gelatinous stock from lamb that I threw in the freezer bc it still doesn't look...
  13. J

    Gelatin and muscle meat?

    How do people add gelatin into their diets when eating muscle meats? I have just bought some great lakes orange tub and its come in a powder?
  14. B

    European Peatarians:which gelatin do you use?

    I am just curious about finding any good gelatin here in Europe. I live in Slovenia just by the border with Italy, I never looked in Italy, but here we only have the DR. Oetker gelatins. One is hungarian pork gelatin which I dont trust, other are gelatin sheets from Germany at 1,27 euro per 10...
  15. F

    Buying gelatin to thailand quick

    Hi i need gelatin powder in Thailand quick. Cant rly stand here making broth all day long and the internet sources i have found all take 15days to ***t some premium beef gelatin. Any suggestions? Have done some chicken feets but they are way to heavy in omegas to feel good on :(
  16. juanitacarlos

    Plantar Fasciitis And Gelatin

    In about December last year, for the first time I began to suffer from plantar fasciitis ( I've tried a few things, seen a physio without any improvement. It's really painful! Anyhoo, I finally got my shipment of Great Lakes hydro collagen and...
  17. BingDing

    Has gelatin helped your large joints?

    My shoulders and hips have always been tight, I'm like a million years away from those freaky yoga ads. And I've been doing the same stretches for 30+ years and the range of motion in those joints hasn't changed a lick. But in the last couple months it seems the range of motion has increased...
  18. P

    How much gelatin to milk?

    What is the ratio? How many tbsp of gelatin to 1 quart of milk?
  19. D

    Gelatin Contributing To Kidney Stones?

    May Gelatin, in any way, increase the possibility of kidney stone formartion?
  20. O

    Thoughts On Gelatin Capsules?

    i feel like it would be so much easier to just pop a pill....