1. T

    Gelatin dosage

    I have read little about dosage and timing of gelatine dosage. What about before breakfast and then as mid morning and afternoon snacks. And again before sleep . So that would be 4 times a heaping tablespoon. Does that timing and amount seem optimal ? I prefer to take the maximum amount . I...
  2. Giraffe

    Does Gelatine intake increase B6 requirements?

    The following is taken from Nutrient Reference Values for Australia and New Zealand: "The amino acid tryptophan is converted to nicotinamide with an average conversion efficiency of 60:1." "It has been proposed that vitamin B6 requirements may be increased at higher protein intake (Baker et al...
  3. S

    The Mystery Of Spore-Forming Bacteria… (c. Diff & Others)

    Take Away Points Summary: Glycine and taurine cause germination of bacteria spores (if spores present). symptoms of this germination may be noticeable within 1 hour after consuming glycine or taurine. This does not necessarily mean taurine and glycine are bad. Copper can kill these bacteria in...
  4. M

    Any good supplement substitute for gelatin?

    Please advice. I live in Japan and here gelatin supplements are not allowed to be imported so I can’t order them online. What do you think would be a viable alternative for me to something like great lakes green tube gelatin??
  5. uuy8778yyi

    gelatine vs amino acids of gelatine

    glycine 21%, proline 12%, hydroxyproline 12%, glutamic acid 10%, alanine 9%, arginine 8%, aspartic acid 6%, lysine 4%, serine 4%, of notable interest are taurine lysine glycine supplements they have been discussed heavily in the forum posts below, see the lysine thread so would it be...
  6. B

    Supplemental great lakes gelatin - does collagen hydrolysate taste any better?

    Hey I bought some red can great lakes gelatin, tried dissolving it in hot water and also making orange juice gummies and the problem is basically... it tastes ******* disgusting. Is collagen hydrolysate (green can) any better?
  7. B

    Clarification of gelatin intake and sources

    Gelatin is obviously a big part of any Peaterian diet but I can't seem to find much info on suggested intake or best ways. Is the gelatin you're getting from powder (like in water or gummy bear) as good as gelatin from meat like beef or lamb? How much gelatin should you eat?
  8. alexander101

    Jello vs Gelatin (for glycine content)

    So I'm comparing the hypothetical glycine content from gelatin vs store-bought Jello. Gelatin: Just as an example, lets take a look at Great Lakes Gelatin Nutritional info: ... alInfo.php From the above link, you can see that this gelatin is comprised of...
  9. sunmountain

    Gelatin Vs Pure Glycine?

    After two weeks of going off Green can and doing only glycine, plus a couple of days ago going off the b. Infantis or Align probiotic that the GI prescribed, I THINK my stomach was doing better. Still inflated but the back pain went away. (Back pain had lessened with sleeping on floor but not...
  10. kiran

    Thoughts On Gelatin (endotoxins)

    I used to use knox for a while, it would work great, then stopped helping. Then I used Great Lakes and it worked great and then it stopped working. I've tried both porcine (pig) gelatin and hydrolysate and neither seems to work as well as bovine (cow) gelatin. I wonder if might possibly due to...
  11. N

    Less Expensive Gelatine? (collagen Hydrolysate)

    Hello, In search of a protein supplement, it seem that the only useful options are those from great lakes. I don't do very well with the gelatine (red tin) but the collagen hydrolysate works fine for my digestion. At £28 per tin it's impossible for me to buy this more than once every 6 weeks...
  12. K

    Great lake gelatin hydrolysate vs Gelatin powder

    I've read that the great lake has more toxic metals then any other water ever measured. I've heard some people saying here that great lake gelatin does contain quite some lead. I'm actually thinking, why would I but this product ? There seem to be plenty of gelatin powders available. Which are...
  13. K

    How much of the 100 gram protein should be gelatin ?

    I'm wondering, how much of the 100 gram protein I eat daily should be in the form of gelatin ? I've really no idea, I'm using the water soluble great lake gelatin (green one), and I thought about 20 gram or something daily. One other thing, sometimes the gelatin doesn't seem to dissolve...
  14. D

    Brands Of Gelatin: Newbie Question

    I read several older discussions on gelatin, discovered everyone likes Great Lakes and most think the bulk is similar, but while I wait for it to arrive in the mail, I need to get something local and no one in the area sells Great Lakes brand. Does anyone know if the NOW brand, which I can get...
  15. B

    Gelatin gives me ADHD symptoms

    For several days, I've drank a hot mixture of orange juice and gelatin each morning (because protein is best in the morning). I think gelatin has this effect because of gasosintestinal irritation, which can increase serotonin,. Since this is powdered gelatin, it's unlikely that bacteria feed...
  16. S

    Great Lakes gelatin

    Hello I hope someone can help me. I have bought the Great Lakes gelatin unflavoured instead of the collagen hydro version. Is it as good as the green can and can I simply stir in with hot water in the mornings and mix with tea/coffee as I don't have time to make jellos as I'm sitting a levels at...
  17. paper_clips43

    Mixing gelatin with Raw meat.

    I have sushi plans this weekend and am wondering if I should consume gelatin with raw meat. Does anyone have any experience with this? Has it hindered digestion at all? Gelatin is a very processed animal product and I am used to eating my sushi sashimi style raw with only ginger to avoid any...
  18. P

    Do I Need To Add Gelatin To My Diet?

    Do I need to add gelatin to my diet if most of my protein comes from milk? Isnt gelatin used for supplementing amino acids that are not found in muscle meat, or are in the wrong ratios? I just dont want to waste money on gelatin if I am allready getting the right ratios of amino acids in milk...
  19. D

    Anyone Ever Made Their Own Gelatin Powder?

    Anyone ever made their own Gelatin Powder? I came to think about it,since a couple of days ago someone commented/asked if gelatin is basically ground bones. I never thougth about how it's made. But if it's indeed ground bones,would it then be possible to make your own gelatinpowder? and if so...
  20. S


    Right I know I've been asking loads of questions, last one promise;) but I have been taking dr oetker gelatine that comes in sachet form and usually have one and a half in my cup about 2-3 tablespoons. I can't find any protein or nutritional values on the packet and when I try ringing them up...