1. O

    dissolving the gelatin

    i use the great lakes hydrolyzed gelatin and when i use it, it forms a chunk in the liquid that i am using....i usually just take a spoon and swallow it like a there any problem w/ this or does it have to be fully dissolved in the liquid?
  2. I

    Bulk Collagen Hydrosylate?

    Has anyone found a reliable source of bulk collagen hydrosylate? The Great Lakes stuff is extremely expensive relative to buying regular gelatin in bulk, but I would prefer collagen hydrosylate to mix more easily with liquids, etc.. So far I've only found sources that seem to sell in giant...
  3. chris

    glycine gelatin question

    I am wanting to incorporate gelatin in my diet, which will bring in glycine. I have seen a lot of positive things about glycine but can't find any specific figures on what a good amount would be? How many grams a day should be eaten to develop benefits? Thanks and happy christmas!
  4. D

    Does Gelatin Increase Your Cholesterol Level?

    Might there be a difference in my cholesterol levels between now and about a year ago? I just started taking Hydrolysate 10 weeks ago, 1 tablespoon per/day. Any other noticeable changes in a CBC?
  5. Z

    Gelatin gives me diarrhea

    Well the title says it all, however i eat it,either powdered or homemade it just makes me bloated, sleepy and gives me diarrhea. What could be the problem with it?. Everything i've read says that it is supposed to helpmydigestion. Should i just stop using it?.
  6. K

    How much Gelatin for a tangible difference?

    I have just ordered a few cans of the great lakes Hydrolysate and wondered how muh others take each day to notice a tangible difference in any inflammation they might have. I am currently getting over a neck injury sustained from doing pullups a with a low ceiling. It says 1 serving is 1...
  7. D

    Best Time Of Day to take Gelatin?

    I eat dinner late - 10:00 P.M. I'm thinking it might be best to take gelatin supplimentation right before I eat, because, taken in the morning, I've noticed a particular lethargy-ness/fatigue setting in as the day progresses. Is this normal? When do ya'll take your's?
  8. D

    Beef Gelatin Or Hydrolysed Collegen??

    I don't know which to go with from Great Lakes. One sounds natural, the other concocted by a chemist artificially. If beef gelatin is so good, why must it be changed? Does it all boil down to preparation - cold water/juices will make the beef stuff gooey? Or is it assimilation in the body - the...
  9. D

    Best Way To Get Gelatin?

    What is the best way to incorporate gelatin into one's diet? 'Knox" brand and/or other "instant mixes"? Just how real, natural or good can an instant mix be? Sure a real broth made directly from whatever animal involved would, I suppose, be the best choice, but it's probably expensive and my...
  10. hoppimike

    Different Sources Of Gelatine

    What is the difference? Like, here in the UK I buy this stuff: It's quite cheap and stuff. What is potentially wrong with it, and what should we be looking for? Thanks dudes :) Hoppi
  11. J

    Sundown Naturals Gelatin

    Has anyone tried Sundown Naturals Gelatin to help with sleep?