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Vitamin k2 mk4 vs mk7 and dosage?


Jun 22, 2021
I was wondering which source of K2 supplement is better mk4 or mk7 and what dosage for each and how frequently. I've got recently a k2 mk7 supplement dosed at 350mcg per capsule any idea how much to take and how often?


Feb 8, 2018
According to this study it appears there is a U shaped curve for Vitamin K2, with 60-75uG being the optimum for atherosclerosis and Ischemic heart disease, which seems to worsen with rising intake beyond this dosage (see two graphics on left below). Vitamin K Intake and Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease in the Danish Diet Cancer and Health Study. This would imply that most people who take K2 could be overdosing since most supplements provide much higher dosages than this.

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