Uncoupling VS Coupling. That Is The Question


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Jul 30, 2018

Do I understand this correctly? And if so, do you agree with me?

As I read on the forum I frequently see portrayed how "uncoupling" is so good for health...etc. MB is one of those molecules that uncouples the mitochondria apparently... and people are supplementing it like if it was candy... but, is that really what we want?

If I understand correctly, coupling is when certain proteins on the transport chain redirect electrons to created more ATP. On the contrary, uncoupling is when these proteins redirect electrons to dissipate as heat (and therefore less ATP will be available). In the winter is beneficial to uncouple because we need to survive and we need to stay warm, whereas in the spring/summer coupling is preferred as the milder temperature allows us to create more ATP (and thus, tissues like nails, hair...and everything else moves and regenerates faster, having more ATP available).

So, in my opinion, we should not be fixated on coupling or uncoupling, it depends on the time of the year and the needs of the body. However, if I had to pick one... I would pick coupling (generating more ATP) not uncoupling... so I would not recommend taking MB, for example.

Let me know your thoughts. Thank you! Gracias!


Aug 24, 2017
Well, not all tissue are coupled or uncoupled the same. For instance, mitochondria in the brown adipose tissue are 80%+ uncoupled, whereas, in the heart, it's less than 20% uncoupled and the mitochondria in the muscles are about 50% uncoupled.
Methylene blue is also not a good uncoupler at all in my experience. I took 60mg+ for quite a while and experienced almost no increase in temps. Maybe my uncoupling was already optimized. But methylene blue also significantly increases ATP production because it's an electron carrier, which can rescue faulty electron transport chains. Based on this property alone, I think people would benefit from it a lot.
Also, the body is autoregulated, so if you try to boost uncoupling as much as you can with natural compounds, the body will maintain adequate ATP levels. Only unnatural compounds, such as DNP can cause death, but it's not due to low ATP, but rather too much heat.
Lastly, uncoupling increases CO2 which is highly beneficial and essential for everything in the body, including hair, nails, skin, etc.


Apr 28, 2018
Hans thanks for that explain. Its always good to have you here even as I am subscribed on your site
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