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UK Sugar Tax - Now Only Coke And Pepsi Have Full Sugar "Mexican" Style :)

Discussion in 'Beverages, Fruits, Sugars' started by aquaman, Oct 27, 2018.

  1. aquaman

    aquaman Member

    Aug 9, 2013
    There was another post on the sugar tax.

    One thing I have noticed, is as far as a I can see, ALL added-sugar (soda) drinks brands, EXCEPT Coke and Pepsi, have reduced their sugar content :D

    By the way, in the UK, Virtually ALL sodas were with real sugar, because of the EU ruling that 95% of all sweeteners must be real sugar: only 5% could be high-fructose corn syrup, and apparently these were mainly used in food, not in drinks. So in Europe, at least we don't have that issue like in the US... when you buy Coca Cola or Pepsi in the UK, it's still all "Mexican Coke" :)

    Coke and Pepsi still have 10.6 grams of sugar per 100ml, so around 35grams per 330ml can.

    The others have all reduced their sugar content to below 5grams per 100ml, and added extra sweetener.

    So the impact has been to add aspartame to virtually all drinks except the two biggest brands, making all the others taste disgusting, and I assume also shifting demand from the other drinks towards Coke and Pepsi.

    I used to drink San Pellegrino flavoured drinks (orange, lemon etc) which were delicious and even occasionally Ribena (blackburrant, sugar, water), which was soooo good. Now they both have around 4.7grams per 100ml of sugar and taste AWFUL. I also used to drink some small, UK-based Cola brands that were made with better ingredients than Coca Cola, and tasted amazing. But now their sugar content has all been dropped below 5g/100ml, and they taste awful. I no longer buy them.

    So again, the sugar tax just pushes market share away from the small producers and towards Coke and Pepsi!

  2. koky

    koky Member

    Oct 21, 2013
    I rang Coca Cola, Phone 1800 025 123, and asked them for the fluoride content in coke.
    They said it depends on the water they use, either local bore water, local tap water or a combination of both.
    The young Consumer Relations man said, that he would get back to me with more accurate info, with an email and a phone call.
    I forgot to ask about the fluoride content of their Post Mix Syrup used in for all takeaway disposable cup sales in Australia. I forgot to ask for the pH and Phosphoric acid levels in coke and their other drinks.
    But it looks like somebody wants Coke to put a Warning Label on their products.
    And all food and beverages with added fluoride. http://archive.foodstandards.gov.au/…/onlineversion_code.cf…
    #fluoridefree #fluoridelabelchallenge