Thought on Iodine - Low heart rate


Nov 26, 2020
I am sitting right now on a low pulse of 66 bpm after waking up. I have been following the guidance on this forum regarding diet the last 2 months (complete pufa avoidance, eating a lot of fruit, drinking milk, maximizing ratios like sugar:starch, calcium:phosphate etc). I have seen some improvement regarding metabolism (I was lower bpm before starting this diet), but there are days when I feel really off and tired. I keep track of everything on chronometer and taking care of meeting all rdas. I also supplement vit K, D, A and magnesium. I am considering adding Kelp supplement 325mcg to raise metabolism but I am worried about the study saying that it can consume the actual thyroid gland. I know dr. Ray Peat does not favor iodine supplements. What do you guys think about iodine? Any other suggestions to raise metabolism effectively, other than the common diet guidelines?


Feb 3, 2020
Frankfurt, Germany
Stan Efferding recommends a daily 4oz of pure cranberry juice for iodine - which will give you 400mcg of iodine.
I personally feel good consuming it, maybe try this.
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