Narigenin Decreases Activity Of G6pdh (melanon Update)

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    Dec 17, 2015
    I'd previously reported that MelaNon may have some use for hair growth because of the stimulatory effects of topical caffeine and apigenin.

    Unsure now because of this report demonstrating that naringenin (at least in some concentration) decreases the activity of G6PDH, an enzyme which Danny Roddy reports is strongly correlated to the energy production of the hair follicles (and it's activity decreased in alopecia).

    "The aim of the experiment was to histochemically examine the activity of the following selected steroidogenic enzymes: delta5 3betaHSD and 17betaHSD and the housekeeping enzyme G6PDH, in experimental rats after subcutaneous injections of naringenin flavonoid, at a daily dose of 15 mg/kg of body mass. The enzyme activities were measured by the microdensitometric method. Additionally, radioimmunological assay for testosterone level was conducted in homogenates of testes. A significant decrease in the activity of 17betaHSD and of G6PDH was found, while the activity of delta5 3betaHSD was not significantly changed. The results permit a statement that naringenin causes minor changes in metabolic processes in the testes of rats but it does not significantly affect the synthesis of androgens."

    Influence of naringenin on the activity of enzymes participating in steroidogenesis in male rats. - PubMed - NCBI
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    Feb 18, 2016
    Speculating here....

    I'm really interested in this enzyme at the moment. It seems a lot of recommendations lower it.
    Thyroid as Danny Roddy points out is increasing it, Ray Peat did mention before that Thyroid helps enzymes do what they should be doing, it could be the case.

    This deficiency of g6pdh could be a thyroid issue, epigentically down regulating because of a harsh environment,it's prevalent in countries with a lot of maleria, it's also turning up elsewhere.
    I'm curious to see if it's present in countries that have had famines and harsh environments in the northern Hemisphere.

    Vitamin E is increasing it in some cases. So does vitamin D, I'm sure there is more,I'm currently looking.
    DHEA,pregnenolone,aspirin ,niacinamide are lowering it in some cases, as with methylene blue and other substances recommended on here. Pregnenolone has caused hair issues for some on the forum.

    The mainstream are speaking of deficiency of g6pdh being an issue.
    To those who are unknowingly with a slight deficiency ,some substances lowering it could be causing an issue.

    The roundabout effect of thyroid protective substances may increase it with time,it seems initially they will make it worse,it's interesting to note Peat really stresses Thyroid function over other supplements,also Vitamin E one of the few he recommends if it's a good source? Most of his articles recommend something ,it's nearly always thyroid at the start of the list.

    Would anyone have anything additional from Peat on this enzyme?
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    May 30, 2015
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    Jun 12, 2013
    I'll experiment and try this on someone's balding spot, and let you all know what happens.
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    Nov 26, 2013
    Well it's a flavone at the end of the day. Chamomile can reduce estrogen though.