Orange Juice is a potent anti-thyroid


Feb 7, 2017
I guess I'm pretty lucky cause half a year I get sweet oranges, from November to late April/early May. loads of people find them too sweet even! They're as if you put some honey in them, ridiculous but I'm not complaining. they're done now so I'm switching to apricots, peaches, and then watermelons (best in the world!) and honeydew melons
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Jun 10, 2016
What would you classify as pro-thyroid and anti-endotoxin food?

I think that most food that are commonly labeled as “healthy”, are anti-endotoxin. Fruits, salads, fish, nuts (unsaturated fats), vegetables, foods high in insoluble fiber etc. I think many will look and feel better on this in the short term. Food that feels “fresh” and “light”. Woman are often attracted to this, having a salad with fish. I think your skin will look more pretty, quite quickly, and woman associate this food with that. You will feel less brain fog, more clear headed, but doing such a diet long term, and you will havoc your metabolism and gut.

Pro thyroid food, or maybe better pro metabolic food, I see as food high in calories, a good ratio of carbs, saturated fats and proteins. I gave examples in a previous post. Meals that a body builder will eat. Eggs are indeed shown to be pro metabolic and pro endotoxin. (Organ) meats. High carb food, dairy, milkshakes, anything high in saturated fats is both pro metabolic and pro endotoxin.

Man are often attracted to food in this category, having a hamburger with a milkshake etc. I think people associate feeling “strong” and “warm” with this kind of food. And also that you must be strong at the first place, if your gut can handle this kind of food.

Now Im not that a fan of anti-endotoxin food. Because how does this anti-endotoxin activity work? Most of the time by stablizing mast cells, making sure endotoxin doesnt leak in your blood stream. What is the easiest way to stabilize mast cells? Well anti-oxidants in general stabilize mast cells. And those flavanones in orange juice are strong anti-oxidants.

So many here probably now that anti-oxidants are anti-metabolic. It literally prevents oxidation in oxidative phosphorylation to make ATP and CO2. And also by some of those flavanones being anti thyroid, it will even more decrease ATP and CO2.

Now CO2 itself is a big stabilizer of mast cells, so now with less CO2 as your baseline, you will need even more anti-endotoxin food to not leak endotoxin during a meal, and feel and look good. And this downward spiral, that you can not handle any high calorie food anymore is often seen in people trying to be “healthy”.
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