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Orange Juice Has Similar Effects As ANTI-thyroid Drug In Rodents: Increase In TSH, Decrease In T3/T4


Sep 28, 2020
Old thread, I know, but I completely agree that OJ has thyroid inhibiting flavonoids. If you have plenty of T3, you might not notice. I have to take more iodine when I drink OJ to counter balance the hypo symptoms. Especially cold hands and feet. But really cold hands. I feel like a refrigerator. In the summer, I don't notice as much but in the winter it's really obvious. I'm quitting. I do much better with pineapple.
You clearly didn’t bother reading the thread before agreeing… because it was made abundantly clear throughout the thread that this claim, much like the “study”, is questionable at best… most likely bunk.

The OP didn’t even bother addressing how unscientific the methodology and nonsensical the writing… just randomly jumped back in, only to reiterate his stance that “if published, study = true”.

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