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Mastocytosis And Cyproheptadine

Discussion in 'Scientific Studies' started by Drareg, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. Drareg

    Drareg Member

    Feb 18, 2016
    Mastocytosis is very rare, Ray Peat has mentioned in many articles about mast cells. In general no full thyroid workup is provided,t3,rt3, etc. The other usual suspects are not checked very much either ,serotonin,estrogen,prolactin etc.

    Estrogen is used in some ladies who are struggling to conceive, I'm not sure what else they are using here but it seems to be an anecdotal pattern I'm seeing for children born with mastocytosis.

    Histamine however is an issue that the establishment acknowledge, my nephew has this for 15 years and not once has an anti-histamine being prescribed, he has the anapen and a list of foods to avoid,some of which he has had no reaction to.
    He has red lesions mainly on his torso,he did have them on his arms but they cleared up after month long holiday in an very sunny climate, (wore a shirt a lot on said holiday)this was pointed out to Doctors who used blue light for its treatment,they have since moved away from that and now are using UV light.
    Infrared is not on their radar just yet neither is the use of logic it seems.

    In general he is in good shape and enjoys sport,he does however have signs of gynaecomastia and can be tired and not too much drive in general. Occasional reports however of diarrhoea ,upset stomach.
    We are looking to get a full work up on his bloods, this is being done soon. I'm guessing lisuride in his case might be a better option of the cyproheptadine as some reports of mild dopamine lowering effect of Cypro,going on symptoms its seems his prolactin is high.

    In saying that cyproheptadine has been shown to have success with mastocytosis yet they won't prescribe it without a cage fight, a lisuride prescription may require a tank at the door.

    Here is some interesting studies on cyprohepatdine in relation to mastocytosis and symptoms close to it but not an outright diagnosis.
    There are a few more studies on Cypro and mastocytosis but I can't acces the full studies.

    Young new born with lesions cleared up with Cypro.
    Diffuse cutaneous mastocytosis responding to cyproheptadine. - PubMed - NCBI

    2 different anti histamines prescribed for months without any side effects,Cypro being one.

    They have recently brought out some lame studies trying to imply tryptophan and serotonin may need to be increased,these studies were based off questionnaires in some. Older research implicates serotnin just as much as histamine.
    Mastocytosis is rare therefore not profitable, the research and treatment is poor at the moment,placing it under scrutiny via Ray Peats current paradigm shows it in a new light.