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  1. Brandin

    Creating a therapeutic systematic health boosting combo

    I am experimenting with creating a combination of supps that would compliment eachothers effect and hopefully even inhibiting eachothers bad effects. Question 1: Anybody knows if taking a dopamine d2 agonist with higher affinity for the receptors than cypro would lead to cypro not binding to...
  2. PointOutside

    Question about how cypro induces weight gain

    I'm seeing how Cypro induced weight gain on the majority of subjects in every study I've come across. The issue is I can't see whether this weight gain is induced by the increase in appetite or by some other mechanism. I really like Cypro and would like to take 0.5-1mg a day for a month with two...
  3. F

    Your Cyproheptadine experience?

    there are plenty of anti-stress/serotonin substances that we know of over here, but they do vary in strength and how quickly we build a tolerance to them. I wonder how good did it work for you and if you build a tolerance to it.
  4. Orome

    Efficacy of Cyproheptadine Monotherapy in Hepatocellular Carcinoma With Bone Metastasis

    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8563693/ Abstract Background Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the most common causes of cancer-related deaths worldwide. Particularly, cases of bone metastasis have poorer prognoses. Case Presentation A 62-year-old woman with suspected...
  5. sugarbabe

    Kid with ADHD got MORE hyper on cypro

    My 9 yr old son has the hyperactive type of ADHD and we decided to try cypro because he also struggles with anxiety and poor appetite. We got up to 2 mg and I literally didn't see ANY signs of drowsiness other than when it was time to go to sleep. I can only take 0.5mg and the drowsiness never...
  6. P

    Avoiding cypro fogginess?

    I just recently ordered @haidut's cyproheptadine (mainly for digestive issues), and it seems like many people who have taken it seem to get extremely foggy and tired, even if it helps their other symptoms. To anyone who has experience with cypro, how did you overcome this? I also hear some...
  7. ecstatichamster

    I felt really sick - cyproheptadine is like magic

    I knew I didn't have a bug but it felt like it. From allergies and probably an endotoxin reaction. I couldn't even summon the desire to go out of my house. Nothing helped. Then I took half a cyproheptadine before bedtime. Next morning, good as new. I feel absolutely fine. Magical. I suppose...
  8. C

    Feverfew/Silk Tree as Replacement for Cypro/Meter

    What are your guys's thoughts about this? I can't use metergoline as an anti-serotonin supp because when I stop I get horrific symptroms of DAWS. Cypro is okay, but I don't like the dopamine receptor antagonizing effects and I am also finding it very hard to stop. Any time I stop the cypro, I...
  9. Mr Joe

    Combo High Dose (B1 + Cypro + B3) + T3 for recovery

    2 Years ago Symptoms : All day Anxiety, Depression Emergency state. Any bad thought would cause belly contraction and a cycle of stress diffucult to calm. Sleepness, GERD intense headaches when doing mental effort. I am understanding now that all of these could be symptoms of very low metabolism...
  10. deliciousfruit

    cyproheptadine increasing serotonin?

    I love cyproheptadine, I usually take 1mg in the afternoon. It significantly cools down my body temperature, makes me feel relaxed, increases my libido, lessens my nerve pain, and gives temporarily relief for all my gut symptoms. Today I took 2mg for the first time, and now I'm very hot...
  11. Lokzo

    Cyproheptadine Prevents High Altitude-Induced Testicular Disturbances

    Male rats were exposed to 4,340 m altitude for 4 days. At this time histological alteration in the testes were observed. There were tubules with pyknotic primary spermatocytes and spermatids, necrosis of numerous cells, and sloughing of primary spermatocytes. The damaged areas were limited by...
  12. mujuro

    Replacing Decade-long Quetiapine With Cyproheptadine (bipolar Sufferer)

    Hi folks, Just placing this thread here, more or less as a placeholder for developments in this journey as they arise. Not much to disclose so far, as I'm less than a week into this "experiment", for lack of a better word. The reason I have begun this now and not any time prior is because I've...
  13. C

    Cypro Containing Ferric Pyrophosphate

    Recently I bought some Cyproheptadine and Vitamin B Complex syrup and I noticed it contained some 0.08 grams of Ferric Pyrophosphate for every 1mg of Cypro Given that I'm planning to start taking the cypro regularly I wanted to know if there was potential danger given what Peat has to say about...
  14. J


    How much cyproheptadine is safe daily? It's not for me for someone else, they have poor sleep really bad appetite to the point they literally will eat nothing all the time and anxiety depression mainly being used for sleep and appetite , 4mg daily isn't doing much for appetite but is helping...
  15. T

    Cyproheptadine For COVID-19

    COVID-19 Role of Serotonin Toxicity on Neurologic and Cerebral Manifestations Proposed Role of Cyproheptadine Farid Jalali MD - Aug 2020 https://t.co/HgjcANDWmD
  16. T

    2 Years Ago Life REALLY Crashed Anyone Have Information?

    i was managing alot better in my 20s i went on an SSRI because i started getting intrusive thoughts that scared me half to death and my anxiety just got out of control. i will admit that ssri DID get me out of such a scary moment in my life i started feeling alot better after a few weeks on it...
  17. Orome

    Effects Of Cyproheptadine On Bladder Cancer

    Even more prove that serotonine and histamine are involved in such conditions. Everything that lowers them should be beneficial. Analysis of the effects of cyproheptadine on bladder cancer through big data Abstract This study was designed to compare the efficacy of Cyproheptadine (CY) in...
  18. Lokzo

    My Testosterone Enhancement Journey - SOLVED

    Hey Ray peat fans! Lucas here. I've applied so many of the Ray Peat principles in the last 2 years, some good things, some bad, but ultimately, I really just wanted to have high Testosterone/High energy. This was my result. A little about me: -Weight train 5 days a week. -160 grams...
  19. S

    Cypro Works Like Vitamin K2 For A Better Jawline?

    Hi, everyone. I read on the forum about cypro having a vitamin K2-like effect on calcification, and I saw reports of people who took vitamin k2 who got, through the anti-calcification effect, a larger jaw. My question is, does cypro have the same effect? Could someone who used it report?
  20. Velve921

    Saw Success With A Sleep Combination

    Last night I experimented with this: 1mg of cypro 5mg of doxylamine succinate 5mg of theanine ice cream sea salt I normally wakeup 1x per night to urinate and have a history with an excessive urination issue. With this combination I went through the entire night without waking up and woke up...