1. Incen

    cyproheptadine increasing serotonin?

    I love cyproheptadine, I usually take 1mg in the afternoon. It significantly cools down my body temperature, makes me feel relaxed, increases my libido, lessens my nerve pain, and gives temporarily relief for all my gut symptoms. Today I took 2mg for the first time, and now I'm very hot...
  2. Lokzo

    Cyproheptadine Prevents High Altitude-Induced Testicular Disturbances

    Male rats were exposed to 4,340 m altitude for 4 days. At this time histological alteration in the testes were observed. There were tubules with pyknotic primary spermatocytes and spermatids, necrosis of numerous cells, and sloughing of primary spermatocytes. The damaged areas were limited by...
  3. mujuro

    Replacing Decade-long Quetiapine With Cyproheptadine (bipolar Sufferer)

    Hi folks, Just placing this thread here, more or less as a placeholder for developments in this journey as they arise. Not much to disclose so far, as I'm less than a week into this "experiment", for lack of a better word. The reason I have begun this now and not any time prior is because I've...
  4. C

    Cypro Containing Ferric Pyrophosphate

    Recently I bought some Cyproheptadine and Vitamin B Complex syrup and I noticed it contained some 0.08 grams of Ferric Pyrophosphate for every 1mg of Cypro Given that I'm planning to start taking the cypro regularly I wanted to know if there was potential danger given what Peat has to say about...
  5. J


    How much cyproheptadine is safe daily? It's not for me for someone else, they have poor sleep really bad appetite to the point they literally will eat nothing all the time and anxiety depression mainly being used for sleep and appetite , 4mg daily isn't doing much for appetite but is helping...
  6. T

    Cyproheptadine For COVID-19

    COVID-19 Role of Serotonin Toxicity on Neurologic and Cerebral Manifestations Proposed Role of Cyproheptadine Farid Jalali MD - Aug 2020
  7. T

    2 Years Ago Life REALLY Crashed Anyone Have Information?

    i was managing alot better in my 20s i went on an SSRI because i started getting intrusive thoughts that scared me half to death and my anxiety just got out of control. i will admit that ssri DID get me out of such a scary moment in my life i started feeling alot better after a few weeks on it...
  8. O

    Effects Of Cyproheptadine On Bladder Cancer

    Even more prove that serotonine and histamine are involved in such conditions. Everything that lowers them should be beneficial. Analysis of the effects of cyproheptadine on bladder cancer through big data Abstract This study was designed to compare the efficacy of Cyproheptadine (CY) in...
  9. Lokzo

    My Testosterone Enhancement Journey - SOLVED

    Hey Ray peat fans! Lucas here. I've applied so many of the Ray Peat principles in the last 2 years, some good things, some bad, but ultimately, I really just wanted to have high Testosterone/High energy. This was my result. A little about me: -Weight train 5 days a week. -160 grams...
  10. C

    Cypro Works Like Vitamin K2 For A Better Jawline?

    Hi, everyone. I read on the forum about cypro having a vitamin K2-like effect on calcification, and I saw reports of people who took vitamin k2 who got, through the anti-calcification effect, a larger jaw. My question is, does cypro have the same effect? Could someone who used it report?
  11. Velve921

    Saw Success With A Sleep Combination

    Last night I experimented with this: 1mg of cypro 5mg of doxylamine succinate 5mg of theanine ice cream sea salt I normally wakeup 1x per night to urinate and have a history with an excessive urination issue. With this combination I went through the entire night without waking up and woke up...
  12. Lokzo

    The Famous Cyproheptadine Rebound

    Sup everyone, As many of you already know, I am the guy (Amongst many others) who got "cured" by cyproheptadine usage. But what "cure" am I referring to??? Well, specifically, POST-SSRI-Sexual Dysfunction symptoms (PSSD). I contracted PSSD from Ashwagandha usage, amongst many other dudes...
  13. C

    Premature Ejaculation And Low Sperm Load

    Hello everyone. I have been suffering with premature ejaculation for a long time, and I plan to start taking cypro to see if it would help in any way. However, besides that, I also ejaculate very little. What should I do to address these situations?
  14. L

    How Do Cyproheptadine And Mirtazapine Induce Sleep And Increase Appetite?

    What are the main mechanisms for these effects? Is it the anti serotonin action, anti histamine, or both together? Or something else? @DaveFoster could you explain, in detail?
  15. haidut

    Blocking PUFA Supply Halts Brain Cancer (glioblastoma)

    Just moments ago I posted about the strikingly therapeutic effects of vitamin B3 in brain cancer (glioblastoma). Vitamin B3 Remarkably Therapeutic For Brain Cancer (glioblastoma) The mechanism of action of niacin in that study was deemed to be boosting of the immune system's ability to...
  16. ddjd

    Any Permanent Negative Side Effects From Cyproheptadine?

    as stated in the title, has anyone experienced any permanent negative side effects after taking cyproheptadine? ive personally had weight gain and very regular pink eye since using cyproheptadine. But i think the positives still outweigh the negatives
  17. haidut

    Serotonin Creates Obedient Zombies - The Ultimate Government Wet Dream

    I posted a study recently showing that crabs exposed to very low levels of SSRI drugs (as found even in processed sewage) become reckless, aggressive, homicidal and generally psychotic...
  18. haidut

    Serotonin / PUFA Drive Migraine

    The role of serotonin in migraines is becoming more recognized every day. Unfortunately, SSRI drugs are still being used to treat migraines, but more recent studies found that serotonin antagonists like cyproheptadine or mianserin are much more effective. The study below found that linoleic...
  19. haidut

    Cocaine "addiction" May Be Driven By Serotonin

    Another study on addiction and its mechanisms, but this one focuses on cocaine which is the second most highly abused drug after alcohol, at least in the US (excluding weed). This new study shows that blocking the serotonin receptor 7 (5-HT7) blocked the cocaine abuse behavior. This would...
  20. P

    Positive Effect Of H1 Antihistamines On Bone Density

    Anti-histamine Therapy and Bone Mineral Density: Analysis in a Population-Based U.S. Sample Background Histamine may play an important role in bone turnover. The data regarding histamine receptor antagonists (H1RA, H2RA) and bone mineral density in humans are sparse. We examined bone mineral...