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In need of help - am I hypothyroid?


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Sep 21, 2017

would like some input from you all. Relevant info: Diagnosed with POTS. Was overweight as a kid but lost most of the excess fat during puberty. Managed to develop gynecomastia during the days of being overweight, it still persists today (I'm 30 years old now). Got my appendix removed when I was 8 years old. Was very shy and introvert as a kid, not so much anymore. I got extremely sick 10 years ago, couldn't even get out of bed from a raising heartbeat, felt severe stress, anxiety, brain fog and a lot of GI issues. Started off as reflux and developed into a general feeling of being sick and tired. Developed POTS during that time as well. Fast forward to today - been implementing ideas from Ray from time to time for two or three years now and I'm kind of stuck. I've done many tests, yet I can't really figure out what's going on. Perhaps you could help me with some ideas. I'll try to summarize some of my symptoms, cant write them all, would be to extensive. I'll also include some lab results.

Symptoms: Stress sensitivity, insomnia, a pulse that can be felt throughout the body (just a tiny amount of pressure anywhere on the arteries and I can feel the pounding, most noticeable in the hands and arms), bloating, burping, foamy urine, fatigue, hair loss to name a few. I'm also cold most of the time, I never reach the 37c, temps are usually 36.1-36.6. Sometimes I'm down towards 35.7-35.9 and that is usually accompanied by a feeling of sickness and chills. Heartbeat is usually around 60, when I'm asleep it's 48-52. I feel energy deficient or "hypothyroid", but I'm far from hypo according to labs, as far as I can understand.

TSH: 0,80
T3: 5,5
T4: 17,0
S-TPO-Ak - 6

PTH: 3,0 pmol/L
Vitamin D: 100 nmol/L
Total serum testosterone: 20 nmol/L
Within reference estradiol, on the lower side, same with progesterone and on the higher side of DHEA. Don't have the exact numbers for these on hand.
Gut testing shows what they call a "microbiome deficiency", very low total abundance and few species. For example, no Bifidobacterium found in PCR DNA and no lactobacillus growth in culture with maldi-tof, so I guess I have severe dysbiosis. 2 weeks of Xifaxan usually clears my mind a bit but burping seems to consist to some degree. I have high beta-glucuronidase in stool, according to test it's because of the dysbiosis. Yet estradiol seems to be normal, though I'm not so knowledgeable, perhaps other types of estrogen can be elevated or stored in tissues?

Diet: Eggs, potatoes, some rice, well cooked mushrooms, ground beef, sometimes cod or chicken fillet (I do better with these than the read meat digestions-wise), OJ, 1 litre of milk a day, fruits - grapes and oranges mostly right now, supplements with oysters and liver at times.

I don't really know any other explanations for low temp/slow pulse other than hypothyroidism. Am I hypothyroid despite a thyroid panel looking like this? What do you guys think is going on here? Every little input is much appreciated! I might have phrased some sentences in a strange way, I'll gladly explain what I mean and elaborate further, I'll also provide more info if needed.
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