Diabet, Anxiety, MPB, Brain Fog, need advice


Mar 23, 2021
Hi! I'm new here. 27 years old male. I urgently need any opinions about my current state.

I have a family history of diabetes, and I have been overweight through all my childhood with diagnosed metabolic syndrome.
During puberty, I lost weight and started to feel pretty well.

After that, at the age of 20, I experienced some very stressful events and started to gain weight again, also I developed social anxiety and other minor mental problems.
Besides that, I was accidentally diagnosed with type 2 diabetes (high blood glucose, high morning insulin et cetera).
Around that time I started to notice some early signs of baldness and developed noticeable MPB signs to the age of 24.

I took two doses of finasteride (one day 1 mg orally, another day similar amount topically), and almost immediately developed extreme panic attacks and insomnia.
Insomnia resolved after several weeks, but I still have panic attacks, anxiety, and overall bad feeling. It's been almost three years and I somehow learned to live with it, I started work from home and the overall situation was bearable.

But last year I started to notice mental decline: brain fog, inability to concentrate and think something complex. It greatly impaired my quality of life, I cannot work anymore, I'm losing friends because of my inability to communicate.

Currently, most of my days I'm just reading forums and medical journals trying to understand what is happening. I read some of Dr. Peat's articles, and think he is talking about something relevant to my situation. But my current mental state and language barrier makes it very difficult to figure out something from it.

I want to attach some of my tests, which I think maybe relative to Dr. Peat's theories.

2014 (20 years old, feel pretty well, diagnosed with diabet):
T4 - 16.8 pmol/l (ref 9.0 - 22.0)
TSH - 3.38 mIU/l (0.4 - 4.0)
Testosterone - 17.95 nmol/l (5.76 - 30.43)

2021 (27 years old, feeling awful most of the time):
All my other bloodwork always came clean, I will include only discovered abnormalities
T3 - 1.86 nmol/l (0.98 - 2.33)
T4 - 134 nmol/l (62 - 150)
TSH - 1.97 mIU/l (0.4 - 4.0)
Testosterone - 29.67 nmol/l (8 - 42)
DHT - 597 pg/ml (250 - 990)
Cortisol - 165 nmol/l (100 - 500)
DHEA-S - 17.2 mcmol/l (4.6 - 16.1)
Prolactin - 108 mIU/l (73 - 407)
Androstendion - 8.8 nmol/l (1.8 - 11.8)
Progesterone - 0.5 nmol/l (0.3 - 2.2)
17-OH-Progesterone - 7 nmol/l (1.52 - 6.36)

Estradiol - 77 pcmol/l (40 - 161)
IgE total - 912 MIU/ml (<100)

My current symptoms include:
1) weight loss without changes in diet
2) anxiety
3) overexcitation from everything
4) thirst
5) inability to concentrate and perform intellectual work
6) short-term and long-term memory issues

Besides that, I experience symptoms of oxygen deprivation. My vision is blurry and "low-quality". When I stand still, wear a mask or go to a hot and stuffy room I feel near to lose my consciousness. Several weeks ago I tried to start the keto diet and I couldn't handle it. Without carbs, my symptoms exaggerate by 10-fold! Two years ago I was on keto several times without any difficulties. By the way my blood sugar always in the normal range around 4.5.

I want to ask you to tell me if my situation has something relevant to Dr. Peat's theories because I am currently unable to process all the information available. Maybe some hints and directions? I will be very grateful. And sorry for my English, please.


Feb 3, 2020
Frankfurt, Germany
I know this feeling of subjective oxygen deprivation and blurry vision!

Your problem might be just be insulin resistance - which is most likely caused by excess free fatty acids, which is often the result of chronic stress.

I personally feel best with a low fat diet in terms of having way better blow flow - to my brain and therefore lifting brain fog - to my eyes and therefore sharpening my vision - to my penis and therefore resulting in much better and more frequent erections. I also have perfect pulse and temperature, but only if I keep my fats below 50g a day.

Just adding one teaspoon of oil to my meals causes me to get all these weird symptoms again.

What others might recommend for improving glucose metabolism is thiamine, niacinamide, vitamin E, magnesium, biotin, chromium, aspirin or coffee.

PS I wouldn't go crazy with those supplements in terms of dosage.


Thread starter
Mar 23, 2021
Thank you very much for your answer. I really never had seriously considered insulin resistance to be a part of the problem. Because I lost weight and my bloodwork was normal. But I performed a quick glucose challenge test after your answer, and got a hyperinsulinemic response indeed! I am going to investigate further.
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