How to recover from surgery faster


Jun 12, 2013
Any RP inspired tips on recovering from a surgery faster? Faster and better incision/skin/wound healing, etc.


Thread starter
Jun 12, 2013
Perfect :) My Great Lakes double pack of gelatin just came today. I've had 3 T in coffee.

How much gelatin do you eat per day, Jenn? And what effects do you get with it?


The Law & Order Admin
Jan 4, 2012
Anything and everything Peat. :lol: Oh and definitely a respectable thyroid supplement. :2cents


Feb 24, 2013
Gelatin can be applied directly to any wound.

Since I have been eating gelatin, the most noticeable visual thing has been my finger nails.

I am not talking about hard or prettier but recovery from serious malformation. I used to bite my nails, chronically, to the point of peeling the nails back to the cuticle, especially my thumbs. The results were horrible, rolling hills where the barely there nail could no longer hold back the flesh underneath.

My index fingers are now completely flat with intact cuticles. I still have mild ridges, but they are the healthiest they have ever been. Now, just recently, I have noticed my thumbs are flattening out. They are still bumpy and splitting on the top layer, but they are returning to nail shape instead of smash with a hammer shape.

If I have ever dreamed they would ever heal, I would have taken a before picture.
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