Disclaimer: I'm Not A Doctor/professional. Isn't This Pro-authoritarian?


Jul 21, 2019
Near the Promised Land
I get that one might include this to be considered absolved of legal initiations, but in general I have a few qualms about it.

First off one immediately could be assumed to be setting up a pro-authoritarian, hierarchy-supportive backing on the idea that any doctor's "golden words" are to be considered more highly than anyone else's, even while arguing against those very same people you are claiming not to be of equal grounds regarding ability to give opinions or advice.

I also find it ironic since many here -- and even outside these forums -- are skeptics of doctors in practice and anti-authoritarian, having a healthy (or unhealthy?) amount of skepticism toward allopathic medicine and your run of the mill "medical experts." Some so-called "experts" have failed to identify and properly approach many medical or health issues, leaving people worse off or even dead (I'm sure some can give examples here). I mean the very evidence that most of us are here could say a lot about the limitations of modern medicine, health experts, and doctors in general at helping people revitalize and feel better all around now and in the far future ahead, rather than just directly prescribing a pill for an immediate symptom and ignoring/failing to tackle the root issues.

But really I don't see the need to point this out and what one really achieves to accomplish by saying this. Yeah, I mean everyone here probably knows that nearly no one on this forum is actually a practicing M.D. or such. I am no M.D. and although I caution about giving advice which might cause harm to another, the very bottom line is that even "expert" approaches are just opinions basically too -- and from what I've read here it's often wrong or half-hearted at the least in ways. It seems kind of redundant to be in a forum that has a very core essence in much of anti-authoritarianism and skepticism toward medicine and doctors/industries/pharma, but then turn back and remind everyone that, "I'm not that person authorized to give advice, even if it's wrong or not." A doctor is not really "authorized" to give any better or good advice any more than you or I am on a general or in a public setting. It's illusory I think to believe there's any real "power" behind a doctor's words other than the power we choose to give them/believe them/etc. when other info or concerns are accounted for.

So again I just find it pretty redundant or ironic to post in a place that's against a fair amount of mainstream approaches/scrutiny toward doctors, only to carry around a disclaimer reminding everyone that you don't have supposed "power" to give an opinion ("right or wrong") because you aren't a said person of a specific status who gives opinions (also "right or wrong").

It's kind of like saying, "I'm not qualified to tell you bull@$#!, even though what I'm saying is probably better/more correct than those awful docs -- so don't take advice from me and go listen to those cons." Maybe it's just me, but this is how I see it partially. I would never give a disclaimer on anything I say because I'm not giving any power in the process to someone else on the basis of them just being a doctor. Also, I provide others the ability to believe me or not freely. I don't claim I'm of any specific "level" where you are best to trust my advice solely because I have supposed "status." If this was the entire approach, what would the purpose of this and other health forums be? To talk about alternative practices and scrutinize doctors/etc., but then hypocritically turn the tables with the, "No, I'm not a doctor so do exactly opposite of what I say should one tells you to, because they're a doctor and I'm not, facts aside." Facts and better tailored health approaches outweigh any cookie-cutter band-aid "solutions."

I understand the concerns and legal issues arising from giving advice (along with the safety and health of others), but overall I fail to see the real goal/accomplishments in the long run that are achieved by stating this given my observations. What is gained from learning beyond the scope most doctors would approach in tackling health issues and etc., only to revert back to their words over yours on the basis of them being of a higher "status" than you? That -- in a way -- seems like taking a step backwards.
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