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Chinine experiments white teeth and improved sleep


May 12, 2016
I started consuming chinine at night to improve sleep. I initially started with a can of green tonic (see here the product ) and moved on to a natural extract. Now i combine these at will.

I noticed in the first take that i got dizzy and worm but a sudden sugger drop. I also tried a few more times and the effects went away at least the dizzy part. It calms me right away. Like my heart was pounding when i was going to bed but with chinine it regulates and i do not feel so anxious.

I always had bad teeth. But these days my teeth are shinny white and healthy. Even cavities seem to reduce and it is obvious since my spouse noticed right away.

I get better sleep though as i write now it is already 1AM my time:) but i get about 7h a night regularly now which is amazing progress from last year :) when i was sleeping a few hours and even skipping nights.

Not sure why this happens but I would love to see if others can get similar results.

Experiment going on for 2+ months now.

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