1. mantq

    Ideal diet for oral health?

    Hey everyone! What would an ideal diet look like in orther to reminalize and emphasize oral health? I've been experiencing some tooth decay and gum sensitivity on a 'peaty' diet. I need a lot of calories (from 4000 to 5000) per day, I feel like sugar wrecks my teeth and am not sure what to...
  2. L


    What do you use?
  3. JamesGatz

    Why do people that live in the countryside have horrible teeth but people that live in cities don't?

    Alright so something I noticed that I'm SURE you all have too - people in RURAL areas tend to be missing teeth more often and in general not as good oral health than people in cities Also, theres a stereotype that people from the UK don't have good teeth (compared to the US) which I find to be...
  4. B

    Calcium Carbonate for toothpaste

    I’ve begun using plain calcium carbonate as a toothpaste/mouthwash. My teeth are whiter, and plaque washes off pretty well. The bigger test seems to be the fungal overgrowth on the tongue. So far, it works as well as the best protocols I’ve used; it may be better — time will tell. I’m a big...
  5. haidut

    Even low-dose Vitamin D may prevent/treat dental cavities

    Another study demonstrating that an "inevitable" conditions such as dental cavities may actually be preventable and, at least in its early forms, even treatable by vitamin D. The study immersed extracted teeth in different types of saliva with varying pH levels. One of the saliva types also came...
  6. I

    Teeth have turned disustingly yellow

    when on a carnivore diet my teeth were strong as steel, they never hurt and i felt like i could chew through rock. my teeth were bright white and beautiful. after i started peating they slowly became more and more yellow. an ok trade-off since everything else improved. i started eating a lot of...
  7. A

    Best and easy way to keep teeth healthy and white on a Peat diet?

    Anyone know, im noticing slight yellowness after being on the diet for nearly 2 months
  8. SonOfEurope

    Wisdom teeth erupting!

    Hey guys, So.... I'm 29 1/2 years old.. .. Relatively healthy male, well, if you've read my posts. I struggled with a lot of issues between 20 and 25, I finally found Peat and gradually incorporated his principles (Reduced PUFA, Reduced Iron, quality protein, light, pro-thyroid substances...
  9. LoryEl

    Chinine experiments white teeth and improved sleep

    I started consuming chinine at night to improve sleep. I initially started with a can of green tonic (see here the product ) and moved on to a natural extract. Now i combine these at will. I noticed in the first take that i got dizzy and worm but a sudden sugger drop. I also tried a few more...
  10. B

    Tips For Healing Post Extraction

    Unfortunately just had to have a tooth out, one of the most unpleasant experiences of my life. But moving forward, does anyone have any tips on promoting healing or anything I might find useful?
  11. Twohandsondeck

    White Rice Gave Me Tooth Sensitivity

    For about 2 weeks I achieved a great stability in my diet by only eating: -milk -pineapple juice -orange juice -bone broth -lean meat, usually red -canned tomato or tomato paste -liver and oysters 1x/week~ Then I added in creatine for about 5 days, everything was still fine. THEN I added in...
  12. E

    Beautiful Teeth In Good Health And Solid

    Beautiful teeth in good health and solid. Good morning all, I look at the topics about teeth and can not figure out what to do. My family has problems with a lot of people in my family who are 50 years old and have to have their teeth pulled because they get damaged or loose. I am 30 years old...
  13. S

    Oral Thrush (and Maybe Esophagus)

    My uvula and top of mouth is peppered with white spots, very concerning. I’m quite sure it is thrush. I have no fatigue/fever, so unlikely to be bacterial. I tested negative for strep this morning. Dr. agreed with my thrush diagnosis. I was given fluconazole today. Anyways, I was looking at...
  14. L

    Does Mewing (Orthotropics) Work?

    https://orthotropics.com/ What do you think?
  15. veritas

    Antibiotics For Dental Procedure

    A while back I had a couple of tooth extractions (overzealous dentist), for neither of which I took antibiotics, and they turned out just fine. I had a third extraction months later, which resulted in a twice failed implant (meaning I had the implant, it failed and was removed, I waited a few...
  16. haidut

    Fluoride Now Officially Banned In India As A Known Toxin

    It is funny how the knowledge about toxicity of a given chemical can be so widespread in certain areas of the world and completely censored in others. Not only that, but India seems to have banned fluoride for causing the same issues that Western medicine claims it prevents! Let's see if other...
  17. haidut

    EMF From WiFi Liberates Mercury From Amalgam Fillings Into The Blood

    If you have those old fillings, stay away from the WiFi router! Effect of radiofrequency radiation from Wi-Fi devices on mercury release from amalgam restorations "...Results: The mean (±SD) concentration of mercury in the artificial saliva of the Wi-Fi exposed teeth samples was 0.056 ± .025...
  18. W

    How Are You Teeth? Is Anyone Else Crazy About Oral Health Here?

    Why does oral health matter? It's mostly about tooth extractions, if it is pulled out your jaw/face bone shrinks. This looks less good facially and also causes health problems. Prevent extractions and gum disease by getting enough calcium & vitamin D in your diet, remove acids from teeth with...
  19. ecstatichamster

    If You Are Aching And Teeth Hurting, May Be Too Much Magnesium

    I was taking magnesium (ionized) with P5P and I noticed my teeth hurting, and feeling loose, and joint pains After several weeks I stopped magnesium and started supplementing with equal parts calcium and magnesium (citrate, not the best but what I have.) And the joint and tooth pain is getting...
  20. P

    Effect of dietary supplementation of glycine on caries development and lipids in rat molars.

    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1058885 The effect of dietary supplementation of glycine at a level of 4% on caries development and the lipid content of rat molar teeth was studied. The glycine supplementation caused a 65.7% reduction in caries development and a 15.1% reduction in lipid...
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