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Would Pyrucet cause diarrhea?


Feb 21, 2021
Would pyrucet cause diarrhea? For 3 years or so, I've been sort of high fat/paleo. Ate lots of butter, coconut oil, fatty pork ribs, grass fed beef, veggies. I did have carbs like sweet potato, coconut water, chocolate, lots of veggies etc, but there were days where I restricted carbs to 50grams or so. I'm on the thin side and on this way of eating, I was slowly losing weight. I do not want to lose weight. Would like to gain. 6 months ago, I found Matt Blackburn, then Ray Peat, then Georgi. I started adding way more carbs, fruit and sugar, and gained 8-10 pounds. Muscles coming back too. I'm starting to experiment with Idealabs products. I started Pansterone, Tochovit, Vit A, and Pyrucet. Three days ago I took my first 20 drops of Pyrucet by mouth, had stomach cramps and diarrhea a little later. The next day, I did 18 drops topically. No real stomach upset. Yesterday, I did 18 more drops and had a little stomach upset. Now usually, my stool is fine. The occasional random floater, but mostly dark, full and easy. Always sinks. This morning had a bowel movement that was ok but a little on the lighter color side. Then couple hours later, another that all was floating and very light in color. Could Pyrucet be causing this? I'm hoping it's getting rid of PUFAs. I'm drinking juice, eating lamb, lots of fruit, cheese, turkey, and trying to limit root vegetables. I do like rice though. Should I stop that too? Only sign of overgrown gut bacteria (I think) is a small patch of skin roughness and excema like issues in the same area for years.

Thanks to all sharing their experiences. Any insight appreciated.


Jan 29, 2021
Hello everybody,

First topical test yesterday morning.

3 drops in the wrist and after about 30 minutes I immediately noticed the positive effects reported here.

Nothing to add ... for MY PERSONAL CASE, that's what I needed.

I dare not think how you manage to take 25 drops of the recommended dose ... it is very powerful.

I think I'll never be able to take it orally, the smell is too strong.

Today is the second day and I will distribute the drops throughout the day ... not in the evening.

See you soon

PS: Does foamy urine represent excessive FAO? @Hans @haidut

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