Which is better: uht milk or powdered milk?


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Jan 22, 2021
Unfortunately i don't have acess to organic, grassfed milk from local farmers here, so i must resort in store bought milk. There are two options, uht and powdered, which one do u think its better and why?


Dec 12, 2020
Unfortunately i don't have acess to organic, grassfed milk from local farmers here, so i must resort in store bought milk. There are two options, uht and powdered, which one do u think its better and why?
Try both, see which one makes you feel better.


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Jan 22, 2021
Try both, see which one makes you feel better.
I can drink any kind of milk and feel the same. I've already tried both of them and i was just fine, just wanna know which one is objectively better (or least harmful) , as i saw some concerning stuff about them.


May 7, 2018
Portland, OR
Powdered milk has more advanced glycation endproducts and cholesterol oxidation products (and is generally more oxidized). UHT also has the benefit of containing highly filtered water. I buy Maple Hill UHT grass-fed milk, which is delicious and around $5.50/half gallon (I drink it as a treat, and tend to stick with 1% conventional milk otherwise), but it might not be available where you are.
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