Vitamin A From IHerb (7/17/2013)



Whole list

Without soy or silica:
Country Life
InterPlexus Inc., NutriSorb A,
Carlson Labs
Solgar (not the dry one)

With soy (might or might not have silica):
Nature's Way
Now Foods
Bluebonnet Nutrition
Natural Factors
Nature's Plus
21st Century Health Care

With silica (might or might not have soy):
Solgar Dry Vitamin A
Source Naturals
Nature's Plus

Of those without soy or silica, Carlson and Solgar do have safflower oil, for those who want to go to extreme degrees to avoid PUFA. I think that would leave NutriSorb and Country Life as the two best options, the latter does contain cod liver oil.


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Anyone know anything about Polysorbate 80? Carlson's Vitamin A has it.

Dan Wich

Jan 22, 2013
j. and I found a couple things out about Polysorbate 80:
  1. When injected, it caused health/reproductive problems in rats: ... t=Abstract
  2. This one's way out of my depth, but it sounds like polysorbates can be applied to nanoparticles (which are generally a concern of Peat's) for the purposes of keeping them in the bloodstream longer. That is, assuming I'm reading this correctly.


Aug 9, 2012
I can't find the reference right now, but I believe polysorbate 80 can cause cancer, from animal data.


Aug 8, 2012
What I don't like about the Carlson is that the oil smells/tastes fishy. I don't now if that applies on all vitamin A from fish liver, does somebody tried one of the others? It's anoying if you want to put it on topically and also when you swallow them you get a fishy taste after a while. I didn't have the problem with the nutrisorb as it contains no fish oil.
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