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vitamin a

  1. youngsinatra

    Hypervitaminosis A — A Case Study Of Myself

    Hello everyone, I frequently post in the thread „Grant Generoux Vitamin A Toxicity“. But I decided to start a separate thread to keep a more clean overview. Background: I started a pro-metabolic diet around 2 years ago, firstly inspired by Stan Efferding‘s „Vertical Diet“, who quoted Ray Peat...
  2. Mauritio

    Vitamin K, D and A bind to the SARS‐CoV‐2 spike protein

    This study shows that Vitamin K, D, and A very effectively bind to a certain part of the SARS‐CoV‐2 spike protein (fatty acid binding site) . Through this mechanism it inhibits viral entry, because it blocks binding to the endogenous ACE2 enzyme. At least this is how I'm reading it, correct me...
  3. RenaissanceMan

    Thoughts on Vitamin A Supplementation alongside T3?

    What do you think about Vitamin A supplementation in general and taking it alongside T3? And if you had to choose between taking vitamin A with Thyroid or aspirin with Thyroid, which one would you choose and why?
  4. haidut

    Vitamin A may treat anosmia (loss of smell) due to COVID-19

    Once again, evidence emerges that widely available, dirt-cheap interventions may be able to treat a condition for which mainstream medicine claims there is no available cure. Namely, one of the most persistent and "baffling" symptoms associated with current or past COVID-19 experience is anosmia...
  5. jpgio

    Consistent Negative reaction to foods high in vitamin A or beta carotene

    Whenever I eat foods high in vitamin A I have very bad side effects, vertigo, dizziness. This usually happens when I have eat more than one vitamin a/beta carotene rich food in a day i.e eggs and spinach. I basically only eat spinach for vitamin k. Eating liver causes a more extreme reaction...
  6. J

    Feeling incredibly Dried-Out after breakfast (includes liver): Vitamin A Toxicity?

    After breakfast, I always feel incredibly dried out. My whole body, especially my eyes and tongue. I always eat a bit of liver for breakfast and have been for at least the last 6 months. Thing is, it's only breakfast. My other meals are basically the same foods, just without the liver. And I...
  7. P

    Study: Vitamin A theory of vaccine injury

    From: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7712358/ "Here, we propose that, in susceptible persons, multiple vaccinations activate the retinoid cascade and trigger apoptotic hepatitis, leading to cholestatic liver dysfunction, in which stored vitamin A compounds (retinyl esters and...
  8. RealNeat

    Anti-A people, how do you respond to D?

    I've been researching the relationship of vitamin A and D. Before I give any of my own input I'd like to know how the people who benefit from vitamin A restriction feel on vitamin D supps or intentional sun bathing. Please include your history of pharmaceutical A use if applicable.
  9. deliciousfruit

    Does liver from grain-fed animals contain vitamin A?

    In my country, the majority of liver you can buy seems to come from grain-fed animals. Would these livers even contain vitamin A, seeing as the animal needs carotene to make the vitamin A (frozen too, as you can't get fresh)? I've been eating lots of liver, and it hasn't really made me feel any...
  10. sugarbabe

    Role Of Vitamins A And D In The Pathogenesis Of Influenza: A New Perspective

    I wanted to share some really great quotes from this paper: Role of Fat-Soluble Vitamins A and D in the Pathogenesis of Influenza: A New Perspective There is so much juicy info in this article I encourage everyone interested in learning about vitamin A and D to read it! I think this has many...
  11. J

    Help Desperately Needed: Ridged Fingernails!

    I don't know when this started, but it's bothering me a lot. I have these pretty pronounced vertical ridge-like structures in my fingernails. It was pretty hard to photograph, but I tried my best at it and editing it a bit to make them more easily visible: It may not look like much, but they...
  12. Twohandsondeck

    Anti-Peat Liver And Oysters Aren't Health Foods?

    I'll quickly say here that in the grand scope of the last 1-2 years, there was a time where I received great energetic benefit from consuming liver and oysters. During a short time of a few weeks I'd venture to say that I even over-consumed them in an attempt to load up on these dietary elements...
  13. Mauritio

    Vitamin E Succinate Very Effective Against Liver Carcinoma ,acetate Form Increases It

    Very interesting study that shows Vitamin E succinate to decrease hepatocellular carcinoma by 77% ! It was actually caused/increased by vitamin E acetate . I included the whole results section from the abstract ,because every point actually deserves it's own discussion . Also vitamin A and D...
  14. A

    Is Vitamin A Toxin Or Is It Excess Of It What Makes It Harmfull?

    I have pssd and im one of the low ceruloplasmin case. I heard that vitamin A is a literal toxin to the body, to the liver, etc. How true is that? I just took a capsule of 30 mg retinol palmitate (30.000 IU) and im bit scared to be honest. If i really have low copper, does it mean that i just...
  15. ecstatichamster

    Post Your Vitamin A Success Stories Here Please

    I was listening to the interview with Dr. Peat that Danny Roddy did maybe 2 or 3 years ago and Dr. Peat was talking about a good many successes with vitamin A up to 100,000 units a day. I'm now taking 25,000 units a day while I take 50,000 units of D3 and some K2 (maybe 5-15mg a day of K2 MK4)...
  16. methylenewhite

    One More Reason To Throw Your Soap And Shampoo Away. Citral Is Vit A Antagonist

    https://cancerres.aacrjournals.org/content/canres/48/24_Part_1/7038.full.pdf Citral is a GRAS2 status food and drug ingredient in widespread use as an additive to cosmetics and toiletries, and as a lemon flavor in foods. Citral is a simple, partially saturated, analogue of retinal, which may...
  17. Mauritio

    Vitamin A Against Endotoxin And Serotonin

    I found some cool studies on the ,in my opinion, unappreciated role of Vitamin A against Endotoxin and therefore against Serotonin. @Koveras has already posted that a single big dose dose of Vitamin A may be a treatment for autism(Vitamin A May Be A Viable Therapy For Autism (human Study))...
  18. F

    Anti-Peat Grant Genereux's Theory Of Vitamin A Toxicity

    I recently stumbled across the blog of Grant Genereux, an engineer from Canada, wherein he recounts his story of how he cured himself of severe eczema as well as chronic fatigue and brain fog with an elimination diet. But that's just the beginning of it, because he has also done what I consider...
  19. ddjd

    T3 Increases Estrogen

    I've noticed every time I take T3 the dandruff on my scalp increases massively. I can go from no dandruff to lots of dandruff after just one drop of Tyronene,over the course of a few hours. I've also noticed that methylene blue, calcium d glucarate, 5aDHP and lugols iodine all stop or reduce...
  20. D

    Vitamin A Toxicity Neutralized By Vitamin C

    This is a study posted in the 1938 Journal of Nutrition with some interesting correlations of Vitamins A, D, C, and B1. Since this is a rat study, if someone can translate the dosages into human equivalents it would be helpful. But even without the human interpretation it is obvious the...