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Supplement List

Discussion in 'Supplements' started by mandarina, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. mandarina

    mandarina Member

    Vitamin A

    Nutrisorb Vitamin A - 0.60 oz, Interplexus Inc.


    Eggshell Powder is optimal. Looking for a commercial source, please suggest if you know one. Oyster shell is second best.

    Oyster Shell Powder 2.2 lbs

    Vitamin E

    To be updated...

    Vitamin D

    Carlson Labs Ddrops Liquid Vitamin D3 4000 IU

    Country Life Vitamin D3 2500IU 200 Softgels

    Vitamin K

    Vitamin K2 Liquid - 1 fl oz -Thorne Research

    Life Extension Super K

    Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)

    Niacinamide Powder - 300 grams

    Jarrow Formulas - Niacinamide, 250 mg, 100 capsules

    Source Naturals Niacinamide Vitamin B-3 100mg, 250 Tablets (Pack of 3)


    Pregnenolone Powder, 20 Grams

    Pregnenolone 25mg, 120 tablets- Source Naturals

    Progest-E "Progesterone in Vitamin E patented by Dr. Ray Peat."

    Dr. Peat's Progest E Complex, 28 ml


    Nature's Way Selenium

    Thyroid Supplement

    Recommended by Dr. Peat:

    Cynomel-T3 Only

    Cynoplus-T3 + T4

    Thiroyd-Used by many people and they do well on it:

    NDT Analytical Standard, Pure Grade, Thiroyd, 120 Pack 1 Grain (Available in packs of 250 and 1000, the 1000 pack is an incredible deal,

    Thyroid-S known for it's extra excipients, however, many people do well on Thyroid-S. Some people do report gluten intolerance type symptoms when taking Thyroid-S but Thyroid-S has tested and assured it's customers that it's gluten free:

    NDT Analytical Standard, Pure Grade, Thyroid-S, 1000 Pack 1 Grain (Available in packs of 250 and 1000, the 1000 pack is an incredible deal)

    [glow=red]Make sure to check out the thread below for a special discount provided to Ray Peat Forum members for Thyroid-S and Thiroyd.[/glow]


    Bottled Aspirin 1000 pills

    Some are using this veterinary powder with good results:
    Aspirin Powder, 1 lb.

    Epsom Salts

    Epsom Salt 2Lb

    Epsoak Epsom Salt 10 Lbs

    Epsoak Epsom Salt 20 Lbs

    Therapeutic Bulk Epsom Bath Salt Soak - 20 Lbs.


    Ray Peat suggests Magnesium Carbonate. However, good results are reported from the Magnesium Oil below.

    Freeda Magnesium Carbonate Powder-16 OZ

    Swanson Ultra Magnesium Oil 64 fl oz

    Ancient Minerals Ultra Pure Magnesium Oil 64oz

    Cascara Sagrada

    Cascara Sagrada Bark Powder 16oz 1lb (aged)

    Charcoal Powder

    Hardwood Activated Charcoal Powder - Food Grade 10 oz

    Activated Charcoal Powder 16oz

    Flowers of Sulfur

    Humco sulfur sublimed powder USP - 12 oz


    Morton Canning and Pickling Salt 4 Lb Box (Pack of 2)

    Morton Canning & Pickling Salt, 4-pounds (Pack of 9)

    Baking Soda

    Bob's Red Mill Aluminum Free Baking Soda -- 16 oz

    Bob'Red Mill Aluminum-Free Baking Soda - 16 oz Bundle of 2

    Bob'Red Mill Aluminum-Free Baking Soda - 16 oz Bundle of 4


    Great Lakes Gelatin, Collagen Hydrolysate (Kosher) 16-Ounce

    Coconut Oil

    Tropical Traditions Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil, Non-Certified - 32-oz. glass- 2-Jar Pack

    Tropical Traditions Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil, Non-Certified - 32-oz glass glass (1 quart)

    Tropical Traditions Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil, Non-Certified - 1-gallon

    Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil 1 gallon


    Will be updated soon....

    Pill Splitter

    Apex Ultra Pill Splitter

    X-ACTO Z Series #1 Knife <----- Great for splitting/cutting pills down to an 1/8th


    Mercury-Free Oral Thermometer

    Temporal Artery Thermometer with Silver Ion Antimicrobial Head

    Achilles Reflex Test Hammer

    Prestige Taylor Percussion Hammer with Stealth Black Head

    Brown Paper Bags

    Paper Lunch Bag - 50 Count

    Safe Cookware

    Farberware Millennium Tulip Shaped 10-Piece Set, Stainless

    Red Lights/Infrared Light

    Bayco SL-302B3 10-1/2-Inch Brooder Clamp Light with Porcelain Ceramic Socket(DOES NOT COME WITH BULB)

    250W BR40 Light Bulbs

    225 Red LED Indoor Garden Hydroponic Plant Grow Light Panel

    Blue Light Blocking Sunglasses

    SCT-Orange UV Extreme Anti-Fog Lens

    High Elevation Training Mask (Simulates High Altitude Breathing)

    At this time, we are not giving our recommendation to this mask any longer until we get feedback on how it works. We will leave the link up in case anyone would like to buy it and report back the results.

    Training Mask 2.0

  2. hoppimike

    hoppimike Member

    Thanks for the list!

    I can't wait to get hold of some thyroid supps! I've probably forgotten what a healthy metabolism even feels like! :)
  3. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    Mandarina, thank you! :wave:

    Pinning this.
  4. Jake

    Jake Member

  5. hoppimike

    hoppimike Member

    I ordered a 30-pack of Thyroid-S to the UK and apparently got charged no postage :shock:


    Kept being scared I was gonna get hit by a big postage fee! lol
  6. mandarina

    mandarina Member

    no problem, always here to help ;) glad it worked out with the postage, hoppimike! :D
  7. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    Might want to add gelatin. ;)
  8. mandarina

    mandarina Member

    thank you Jake, I will add that to the list :cool: and gelatin for Charlie ;)
  9. mandarina

    mandarina Member

    if anyone will think of anything else that should be added to the list, please let me know. I will update it promptly! :D
  10. Is the pregnenolon from source naturals recommend by peat?
  11. Birdie

    Birdie Member

    Re: Notes Toward a Handle like a "Basic Peat Diet" (BPD)

    Some more Peat Items for consideration in a list:

    Epsom Salts (Magnesium sulfate) - bath

    Baking soda - bath, added to oj
    Bag breathing, nose breathing, etc..

    Aspirin, vit K, niacinamide, vitamin E, progesterone
  12. Birdie

    Birdie Member

    Re: Notes Toward a Handle like a "Basic Peat Diet" (BPD)

    I just saw that there is a supplements section for those types of items.
  13. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    Re: Notes Toward a Handle like a "Basic Peat Diet" (BPD)

    I have never seen Dr. Peat recommend a source of pregnenolone. However, I do see people in other groups recommending this one:

    http://www.beyond-a-century.com/Pregnen ... p_600.html

    Birdie, welcome to the board! It's great to see you here! :wave:

    I have moved your two posts over to here. I hope that is OK? I figured since we are pulling together a list here, that this would be the most sensible place to put your posts. If you have anymore suggestions for the supplement list please chime in anytime. I see a couple things that you recommended that can be added to the list of supplements. Many thanks for making those suggestions. Here are the ones that I see that need to be added suggested by Birdie.

    -Epsom Salts (Magnesium sulfate)
    -Baking soda
    -Brown paper Bags
  14. charlie

    charlie Administrator

  15. Birdie

    Birdie Member

    You want aged cascara there... NOW brand works for some people and is cheap. Others people buy an expensive one they say is aged better, more... I think Ray says the aged type is darker.
  16. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    Those high elevation masks that you posted are way cool! I think I am going to buy one soon as I get the extra funds. :woo

    High Elevation Training Masks
  17. nwo2012

    nwo2012 Member

  18. nwo2012

    nwo2012 Member

    Re: Notes Toward a Handle like a "Basic Peat Diet" (BPD)

    As long as we are talking bathing in non-fluoridated water, otherwise can only be detrimental to health. Sadly, I can not take baths as the Australian government are a bunch of ****s.
  19. Birdie

    Birdie Member

    Re: Notes Toward a Handle like a "Basic Peat Diet" (BPD)

    Is the water fluoridated throughout Australia? Just certain areas/cities? I live in a place with it's own wells. Still, I'm sure it's got some awful stuff in it but no fluoride. It's been years since I looked up the info on our water. When I lived in Victoria, BC, I was told their water has no fluoride but is chlorinated. I avoided it. Also, I don't like to swim in it and that might be similar to soaking in fluoridated water as far as being harmful.

    But Peat has never to my knowledge advised avoiding soaking baths if your water is fluoridated, as is most people's water. Maybe I missed it though as it sounds like something important to consider.

    So, I wonder if I missed something or did Ray miss something. He warns about drinking fluoridated water so, fluoride's danger is not something he ignores. Maybe somebody has more info. Probably, we shouldn't include the baths until we learn more. ??
  20. Jake

    Jake Member


    Good questions, I have been wondering the same thing.

    Have you run across anywhere Peat has commented on chlorine? I have not done much digging on this topic but am curious. My gut feeling is there is a lot of undesirable stuff in any tap water, so not real sure on the epsom salt baths.

    As a side note, it's funny, sometimes I feel the more learn, the more paranoid I get. I wonder on some topics if I would be healthier in the long run not knowing versus worrying about it.
  21. Birdie

    Birdie Member

    Another thought is that a lot of things when applied to the skin are absorbed differently than by mouth. Filtered in a way. Ray puts his vit A and D on the skin. He says it's a safer way to dose them because of additives if I remember right.

    And, the fact that he advises using baking soda and epsom salts through the skin in the bath indicates to me that he isn't worried about the water in the bath. Also, I think most cities in the US are fluoridated, and, still he recommends the bath. When he thinks something (meat for example) is better in Mexico, he says he eats more meat there. But he hasn't said he takes more soaks there because of our fluoride. But, is his water in Mexico fluoridated too. Does he take the baths himself anyway?
  22. nwo2012

    nwo2012 Member

    Re: Notes Toward a Handle like a "Basic Peat Diet" (BPD)

    Yes, most of Australia is fluoridated. In fact it has the highest % of any country, why when I see people proudly singing Australia Fare it makes me want to vomit.
    I did ask Peat about the fluoride on the skin and he replied
    My concerns are that some of the fluoride will go systemic. Fluoride baths used to be a treatment for hyperthyroidism.
    For me personally, this is too great a risk. It is the fluoride of Australia that caused my hypothyroidism and Im still detoxing from it. This was confirmed by symptoms and bloodwork.
  23. nwo2012

    nwo2012 Member

    I asked RP again about this and my concerns. H replied:

  24. Birdie

    Birdie Member

    Good to see Ray's response. I've noticed that when he makes recommendations and then someone questions them, he will give that sort of answer. Some other thing, the magnesium in the bath, the progesterone in the milk, that covers it.

    It'd be better not to have fluoridated water but most of us do. Peat still recommends the bath. But he doesn't recommend drinking it. We'd get a lot more fluoride from drinking the water than we would in the bath, especially with the Mg acting to reduce absorption of fluoride through the skin. Anyway, I'm satisfied on the epsom salt/baking powder baths. (For now!)
  25. nwo2012

    nwo2012 Member

    So are you meaning that you think maybe he just makes up things to cover what he said? Just wondering what's on your mind, not insinuating anything. ;) Maybe he does recommend the things in the first place because he already knows of the protective elements so when questioned already has the answer?
    Anyways I guess I agree but I will have to mull it over for a while before considering a bath. I do know the hotter the water, the more fluoride you would absorb. Also I would think chlorine would exacerbate the issue (another haline) so using a bath chlorine removing ball (I have one of these) before getting into the bath would be useful. Maybe even a small amount of iodine into the water?
  26. peatarian

    peatarian Member

    Selenium, Egg shell powder,

    Thank you for the great list!
    You could add super selenium complex. Ray Peat always recommended eating shrimp for selenium but since most of them (and shellfish) come from aqua culture they don't have selenium anymore. So now he recommends supplements.

    Also recommended: egg shell powder as best source of calcium.

    I am not sure about the training masks. They sounded great at first but after reading how they are supposed to work I think they train you to inhale deeper after wearing them. If you inhale deeper you will take in more oxygen. The opposite of the desired result. Has anyone asked RP what he thinks about this?
  27. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    Peatarian, welcome to the forum.

    Thats a really great point you have made about the masks. Hoping we can get some more feedback on them.
  28. Nick810

    Nick810 Member

    What form of selenium supplement?
  29. peatarian

    peatarian Member

    Thanks a lot for the welcome and for the quick answer! Ray Peat never mentioned a special form of selenium to me. I think I checked the Super Selenium Complex from Life Extension with him. I suppose he would have mentioned if there was a better form. But I cannot say anything about the quality. If there are additives (which I am rather sure of) and which ones.
  30. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    I did notice it has vitamin E included with it. Not sure what kind of vitamin E though.
  31. peatarian

    peatarian Member

    Yes, I noticed the vitamin E (as D-Alpha tocopherol, it seems to be hard to find a product without it) but the amount is practically nothing so it will not interfere with the suggested 400.000 I.U. of E complex per day.

    Vitamin E (as D-alpha tocopheryl)
    30 IU
    Selenium (as Se-Methyl L-Selenocysteine, SelenoPure™ L-selenomethionine1, sodium selenate, selenodiglutathione)
    200 mcg
    Each capsule provides:

    Selenium (L-selenomethionine1)
    50 mcg
    Selenium (sodium selenate)
    50 mcg
    Selenium (selenodiglutathione)
    25 mcg
    Selenium (Se-Methyl L-Selenocysteine)
    75 mcg
    Other ingredients: rice flour, gelatin, vegetable stearate, dicalcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose.
  32. peatarian

    peatarian Member

    One more suggestion since you listed everything else I could think of for the Ray-Peat-Survival-Kit: activated charcoal might belong with the other stuff.

    RP says carott salat has the same effect but from time to time carotts just aren't strong enough. He sent me some rat studies which show that rats eating charcoal (I think every few days) lived 30% longer than those who didn't. Of course the carbo medicinalis (the official name) works as the carott fibers would but are more potent. They soak up the endotoxins in your stomach and intestines. I use charcoal once a week or if needed, two big spoons in water. It's a bit nasty to handle and it turns your tongue black but whenever my teeth or one of them hurts -- It helps. Probably has to do with the elevated serontonin because of the endotoxins. RP mentions it in the articles about MS and other so called autoimmune diseases.
    You just have to be sure not to use it close to supplements or food. At least one hour or better one and a half between charcoal and anything beneficial.
  33. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    Is there a certain brand you would recommend for charcoal?
  34. peatarian

    peatarian Member

    Don't buy the pressed pills, they are nearly useless. I think it should be at least two big spoons of charcoal but I have used as many as 10 after a stomach infection.

    Actually I would recommend the one you can afford. Don't laugh I mean it!
    You wouldn't believe it's basically burned things you buy. I used to pay 56 Euro for 250g.
    I now found a pharmacy in Switzerland that charges 22 Euro for 1 kg.
    There is no qualitative difference between the two. They don't have brand names, just the names of the pharmacies on them.

    Basically I'd say chose the one that's finer and easier to stir up dust (you'll see what I mean).
    They all have to me medically pure so you don't have to worry about that.
    Some are burned plants instead of animals (I wonder if this has to do with religion or vegetarians?). I have tried many, the result was always the same.

    After two years I recommend using it -- and using it right before bedtime because this way it's most unlikely it will interfere with any nutrition. (And don't wear anything white when you mix it. I usually fill it in a glass bottle and shake it until it's all liquid and no powder.)
  35. Kemby

    Kemby Member

    Just ordered some Thyroid-S like Hoppimike and was also not charged postage. Interesting!
  36. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    Yeh it seems they include their shipping in the price no matter where they ship it to. Can't beat that!
  37. healing

    healing New Member

    How much baking soda do you use in the baths and add to drinks? Do you ever notice any digestive problems from the baking soda? What benefits do feel from using it? Thanks!
  38. Birdie

    Birdie Member

    I add a cup or two of baking soda to my bath along with the same amount of epsom salts. Sometimes I add aspirin powder too. (Thanks, Peatarian for that one!)

    I don't eat a lot of it. Just a little in my oj.

    I experience sounder sleep but the other beneficial effects are not something I notice from day to day.
  39. Kemby

    Kemby Member

    How often do you need to have baths like this to absorb an optimal amount of Magnesium and sodium?

    Just looking for a ballpark. Im lucky enough that where I live the water has no added flouride.
  40. Birdie

    Birdie Member

    I've heard 4 a week. I get 4 or 5 a week. Some were saying to use a pound of each but I use less. The baths are for magnesium and CO2. I add the aspirin as peatarian said it might help my fibromyalgia. These baths also help with sleep if taken near bedtime.
  41. Birdie

    Birdie Member

    Yes, we are without fluoride too. Community well system.. But there may be chlorine in it. Something is in it for purification but I don't remember what.
  42. peatarian

    peatarian Member

    Have you noticed any difference? Do you want to write me a message with your symptoms? I have come across many people during the last 5 years who had fibromyalgia with very different symptoms. All but three (who still struggle) have tried different Ray Peat ideas and are completely symptom free now.
  43. Birdie

    Birdie Member

    That's very encouraging, peatarian. I think we need a fibro thread. It could help a lot of people. Right now I'm just recovering from a surgery so I'm not in my typical shape. How do you know of all these FMS people who are symptom free? Thanks!
  44. peatarian

    peatarian Member

    Well, I guess giving my history with doctors and diseases -- people start telling me their medical problems after saying hello. That's okay for me because many can't read Peat due to their lack of English. I always love to see how his work helps people get better no matter how big the problem.
  45. Steveig84

    Steveig84 Member

    anyone have a supplier for thyroid in germany? something over the counter or to order online?

    thank you! :)
  46. peatarian

    peatarian Member

    I answered you via private message.
  47. peatarian

    peatarian Member

    Healing - I've answered to your PM yesterday. It doesn't seem to get to you.
  48. Birdie

    Birdie Member

    This is good to hear. And thank you for asking if I might PM you with my fibro symptoms. I have to get on that when I have more energy. It's good to know you have this experience.
  49. Franz

    Franz Member

  50. jaa

    jaa Member

    Does anyone know the recommended dose of eggshell powder?
  51. gretchen

    gretchen Member

    I need a vitamin D3 rec.
  52. Rachel

    Rachel Member

    Thiroyd has disappeared from Amazon.
  53. jyb

    jyb Member

    It's very strange.
  54. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    Amazon yanked them off again. If anyone who is a regular poster here wants to get it please send me a PM and I can direct you on how to.
  55. Wilfrid

    Wilfrid Member

    Yesterday, I asked Ray about the BCAA supplementation to lower serotonin level and he said that such supplementation sounds reasonable along with some gelatin.
  56. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    That is interesting. I have some leftover BCAA's that I might go ahead and take them.
  57. Ray-Z

    Ray-Z Member

    Gretchen: My favorite so far is the Thorne liquid vitamin D, which I purchase from iHerb. No nasty ingredients, just vitamin D3, MCT oil, and mixed tocopherols (vitamin E). I rub the liquid on my wrists and arms.
  58. kiran

    kiran Member

    You have to take it with gelatin or an alternate source of tyrosine/phenylalanine because BCAAs will block the uptake of both tryptophan (Serotonin) and tyrosine/phenyalanine (Dopamine).

    This is definitely a cool idea.
  59. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    Very cool, thank you kiran!
  60. BingDing

    BingDing Member

    Has anybody researched BCAAs for good brands in the US? Like with no excipients.

  61. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    I have Xtend BCAA and it has soy in it, guess thats out of the question.
  62. kiran

    kiran Member

  63. BingDing

    BingDing Member

  64. BingDing

    BingDing Member

    Sugar in the list is left to be updated. I've been using organic Florida Crystals, which has a slight brown tint from leftover molasses. I was worried a bit because molasses is high in iron but from what I can figure out there is just a trace amount of either molasses or iron in it.

    I would use the cheapest commercial sugar if I knew it was OK. Has anyone come to a conclusion about a good sugar to use in the US?

  65. cliff

    cliff Member

  66. BingDing

    BingDing Member

    Thanks Cliff. Not available on the right coast, unfortunately. I guess all I am really concerned about is pesticide residue, so any organic sugar should be OK.
  67. BingDing

    BingDing Member

    Activated Charcoal- the first product on the list is sourced from this place. They don't even sell the 10 oz jar sold by Amazon but have a 40 oz jar for $27.56 +s&h, a much better deal. It's also about 20% cheaper than the second product on the list at Amazon.

    No sense in spending more than you need to.

    FWIW, Crunchy Betty has a page about whitening teeth with the stuff.
  68. Rachel

    Rachel Member

    FWIW, Domino®, C&H®, Florida Crystals®, Redpath®, Jack Frost® and Tate & Lyle® brands of sugar are all produced by the same company.
  69. BingDing

    BingDing Member

    I know, the Fanjul brothers. And Domino is almost the poster child for the whole sordid history of colonialism and slavery. From the Wiki page

    So, who else makes cane sugar in the US?
  70. Rachel

    Rachel Member

    Imperial Sugar based in... Sugar Land, TX.
    Aaaaah, the sugar of my childhood.
    Imperial Sugar is now owned by the Louis Dreyfus Group of the Netherlands.
  71. kiran

    kiran Member

    To think that the very people who started the tariffs on sugar that made America sicker also benefit from our consumption of sugar. :x
  72. BingDing

    BingDing Member

    Cool, thanks Rachel. Of course they don't sell it around here. :thumbdown: Hmmm, I'm about due for a trip to Nawlins, I'll walk around say I'm looking for some sugar. :whistle
  73. Rachel

    Rachel Member

    BingDing, :rolling

    Attached Files:

  74. kiran

    kiran Member

  75. BingDing

    BingDing Member

    Danged but if I didn't run across this, jaa, from Peatarian. I was wondering the same thing.

    From page 8 of this thread.
  76. some magnesium supps u may be able to add to the list....

    "Use natural sources of magnesium, such as pure, organic fruit juice, or
    an epsom salts bath (1/2 cup in a tub, soak for 20 minutes), BioNativus Liquid minerals
    or Magnesium Taurate are good sources of magnesium" -lita lee
  77. Birdie

    Birdie Member

    Yes, Ray recommends natural sources in juice and also using epsom salt baths. He says to use a pound in the tub. I thought the epsom salt baths were listed in the supps.

    I've heard Ray say that he uses Magnesium oil on the skin. He doesn't much trust supplements since they can have added toxic ingredients.
  78. Birdie

    Birdie Member

    Is there an error in the Coconut Oil listing? I didn't see the word, "refined", and that is what Ray always recommends.

    The other thing I noticed is that Ray's name is attached to the Progest-E. He says he's had no connection with it for many years. He did formulate it in the beginning, so that may be what's intended in the list.

    It might be more clear to a newbie if it were called just Progest-E as it is on the label. Maybe you could mention that Ray formulated it underneath or something?
  79. BingDing

    BingDing Member

    Interesting that Ray uses topical Mg oil, Birdie, I'd never heard that. I'm a huge fan of the stuff.

    FWIW, the ancient minerals source of Mg oil also sells bath salts of Mg oil (essentially Mg Chloride). They say there is a lot more Mg in the water than with epsom salts, but I figured it is a good bit more expensive, too. I've never been a bath guy so it doesn't matter to me, 20 sprays of the oil after a shower does it for me. (And I am some kind of glad that it does!! Very important mineral for everyone and every way of eating).
  80. Birdie

    Birdie Member

    That does sound great, BingDing. I've got to get some of that oil when I get a bit more energy. Thanks.
  81. Dean

    Dean Member

    I'm a little confused on the gelatin front. I'm pretty sure I've read Dr. Peat writing against consuming hydrolyzed protein, but the consensus here seems to be that he recommends hydrolyzed collagen over regular (non-hydrolyzed) gelatin. Can someone here explain or point to me where Dr. Peat has explained why hydrolyzed protein, in general, is bad but when it comes to gelatin (also, protein) only the hydrolyzed is recommended? Thanks.
  82. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    Quick note. Mandarina will be updating the supplement list in a couple days she said. So if you see any changes that need to be made to it please chime in.
  83. BingDing

    BingDing Member

    I don't know what the answer is, Dean. Great Lakes has a page here about msg in collagen hydrolysate. I need to learn the difference between free glutamic acid and msg before I can make any headway.
  84. Birdie

    Birdie Member

    I use the kosher beef gelatin in orange can. Have seen where Ray says he uses the pork GL rather than the beef. Have not seen him recommend hydrosolate.

    I noticed we have the 2 lb box of Epsom salts recommended at amazon for about $8. Did I misread that? The 2 lb box, same brand is 88 cents at WalMart. Perhaps the Amazon is a multiple pak?? It looks like a single.

    Idont have time to check anything else just now. Thanks everybody. This list is a good idea.
  85. BingDing

    BingDing Member

    Good point about the links to Amazon, Birdie. I found Morton's canning and pickling salt locally for a lot less than Amazon. Same with the activated charcoal online, though that took a lot more effort to find.

    Maybe the links should be to just a product page, or include a note telling people to price shop a bit before they buy. My :2cents, and thanks to Mandarina for the effort, definitely a worthy list.
  86. jnhermann

    jnhermann Member

  87. PeatFeat

    PeatFeat Member

    Are there any more Vitamin A supplements we can add to the list? The one listed is not available.
  88. charlie

    charlie Administrator

  89. PeatFeat

    PeatFeat Member

  90. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    That's the "go to" one that everyone uses.
  91. tobieagle

    tobieagle Member

    Has anyone experiences with http://farmaciadelnino.com/? if it is a serious shop you should definetly update the supp list. I doubt people want to pay the double price for cynoplus and co.
  92. jyb

    jyb Member

    Yeah most sources of interplexus A that I found runs out of stock quite often. I did manage on two occasions, so it does work sometimes.
  93. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    Waiting to hear feedback on this.
  94. HollyLooyah

    HollyLooyah Member

    Yes! I received my shipment of Cynoplus and Cynomel about a week ago. They were a little slow on shipping but no other problems - and yes they are just about half the price of the mexican pharmacy.
  95. charlie

    charlie Administrator

  96. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    Birdie, I think "expeller pressed" is refined.

    Progest-E information has been updated.

    Attached Files:

  97. ratcheer

    ratcheer Member

    I have ordered from them with success, and plan to again. The various different sites will have different products and pricing, so it's good to compare, but they had what I wanted - for a decent price - while mymexicandrugstore and magicpharma did not.
  98. j.

    j. Member

    Any thoughts on Jarrow Formulas' Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil?
  99. krempy23

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  100. krempy23

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