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Risks Of Undereating


Apr 16, 2014
My father has been under eating for a number of years and I am worried about his state of health. He is lacking in energy and has lost his 'zest' for life at the expense of what he thinks is a diet that is keeping him slim and 'healthy'.

The ray peat diet is completely out of his realm of acceptance however I want to try at least to get him to consume more calories as a start. Please can anyone provide some convincing articles that would hit home to a person that is not interested in nutrition that he is damaging himself by undereating? Me speaking to him unfortunately is not enough! I am looking for an easy to digest article that explains the negative effects of undereating, rather than a pub med study, thanks :)


Aug 6, 2017
Under eating (caloric restriction) is a slow suicide that is very bad at helping you lose or control weight. Doing it the body adjusts the metabolic rate to suit the calories available. This is demonstrated in the couple % long-term success rate of people following official weight loss guidelines. Periodic lack of eating (fasting) is like a smart missile that seeks out the worst (visceral) fat and then sends in the engineers to repair everything.

Start looking up youtube videos or articles that discuss this difference and once you have found a few good ones use them to help you argue why caloric restriction is bad. CICO still stands but CI is nearly irrelevant as your hormonal balance largely defines CO.

I won't seek them out for you since some on this forum sees this as anti-peat view even when he has said that skipping a meal or two can be good.
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